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May 11 2012

The CW cancels Ringer. According to TVLine, Ringer has been cancelled by the CW. EW's Inside TV provides a few more details on the cancellation.

Hope we see SMG around sometime soon. Doubtful since she is very family oriented and will probably disappear again while she raises her new child. I hope she goes back to movies. Love her.
Bye SMG, until next time.
But it had gotten so good! :o( Or at least so extremely entertaining... *sigh*
It was one of my favorite shows! I loved the longterm planning. So much better than Vampire Diaries.
I had thought this was getting better ratings than Nikita (which was renewed) but then again I'm sure it cost more money.
Can't say I'm upset. I watched the pilot, which was one of the worst pilots I've ever seen. I hope SMG gets better material next time.
It was getting worse ratings than Nikita and Nikita was in the Friday 8 pm death slot. There was no chance of Ringer getting renewed.
Sorry, SMG. I was hoping for a better show.

But I'm so happy and relieved that Nikita (and Community) survived.
This makes me so sad :( I was expecting it of course, but still :( it was so nice having Sarah back on TV. But when it came out that she's pregnant again, I thought that definitely won't help the show getting another season, when its chances were basically in existant already.
I just hope she doesn't quit TV altogether :(
Sad but not surprised. Ratings aside, how could they possibly shoot the show when SMG is pregnant? I think that sealed that deal. That means that'd have to hide the pregnancy from BOTH their leads!
@mark214, they could have written SMG's pregnancy into the show if it'd been picked up for a 2nd season. After a short time jump, Andrew could have discovered that Bridget was pregnant with his child. It'd be plot twisty enough, seeing as we never found out the identity of the father of Siobhan's twins. (And now, we never will. *Sad face*) Yeah, sure, there would a bit of an ick factor, but...

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I'm with Rambaldi. The script for the pilot was really promising, but the actual pilot was pretty awful. I doubt I'll ever be so disappointed about a pilot again. I stuck with it for 4-5 more episodes and it just kept getting more and more absurd. So I can't say I'm mourning this. Hopefully, we'll get to see Sarah on a better show.
Can't say I'm surprised. I watched the first two episodes, then lost interest. Sarah really deserves better, she's a remarkable actress.
Oh...this is disappointing. It started out a bit slow, but really picked up. I'll miss it.
Love SMG. However, she gave so much more of herself in Buffy, at least in my opinion (which she seemed rightfully exhausted after seven seasons of intensity).

Still, I am sad to see she won't have a project in the spotlight because I think she deserves it.
Hope there is a DVD release.
Worst thing about it: Bridget didn't see Siobhan face to face, and the ending made B look completely stupid. I say six more episodes made a year from now to complete the story.
Or have her be an amateur P.I. who kicks butt. It's sorta like Buffy but I think people would like to see her as that.
Not surprised. That show was a narrative mess. I still somehow enjoyed watching it though (and it had a great soundtrack; I collected lots of great tunes watching that show). But I won't really miss it.

I'm more disappointed about The Secret Circle. It had issues, mostly some boring actors, but I thought it had as much promise as The Vampire Diaries did when it began. Was hoping it would get better. There aren't enough shows about witches on TV. :(

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Mystress of Peyn, Pretty sure the father was revealed to be Andrew.

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Yeah - it certainly wasn't the most finely crafted thing on, but I found it to be quite entertaining (and it introduced me to some new interesting faces to boot.)

Ringer, RIP.
Goodness, I've been having some weird log-in problems using my tablet; I kept getting the "Grr.... Argh" message. The last part of my previous comment got cut off. It was supposed to read: "Yeah, sure, there would a bit of an ick factor, but... are we even sure that Henry was the only other man Siobhan had been screwing around with?"

electricspacegirl, I missed the second to the last episode, but it seemed to me the lab results merely revealed that Henry wasn't the father of Siobhan's children. We could infer that Andrew was the likely papa, but who's to say there weren't other men in Siobhan's life.

Anyhow, I'm going to miss SMG on TV. With her pregnancy, it's unlikely she'll be back for the foreseeable future.

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To those who watched it all:

Satisfying ending, or cliffhanger ending?
Tumnus - It was a pretty satisfying ending - almost enough so to qualify as a series end anyway (which is good since that's effectively what it is). I watched every single episode and it did get better and better throughout the season. A lot of the twists were very surprising. I thought SMG did great playing both sisters. Was it the best show ever? No. However, it was better than a huge amount of the stuff that's still on tv that hasn't been cancelled.
For me it was an unsatisfying ending because so I was disappointed we didn't get that. That said, I've pretty much forgotten about my disappointment, the show being so forgettable and all.

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I hung on throughout the season, and I honestly felt that the show was improving. It was clunky in places, but always fun! RIP, Ringer...
Every time they focused on the daughter and her problems, the show came to a screeching halt, IMO. I finally gave up because of that storyline. SMG was good, as expected, and I liked the rest of the cast, but the daughter's character was the deal breaker.
I feel bad for SMG.. it sucks to put your face out there and try for a full-fledged comeback into the public eye, only to have it snuffed out. But I'm a tv lover who can watch mediocre shows without getting too bored, and I couldn't get past the second episode of Ringer.

I wish they'd known it was going to end before it did. I feel like Dollhouse, for all its success and shortcomings, was fortunate enough to END THE SERIES with its last season's finale. I still get angry anytime I watch a show like Firefly or Veronica Mars, and know that everything ends before the show can really wrap up a mission statement.
I thought the show had some interesting storylines, but the writing and delivery was very poor. I think the actors did the best they could with what they were given.

I didn't really find any of the characters likeable. I think I sympathised with Siobhan more than Bridget. Also, the issue of Bridget technically raping Andrew was never addressed.

Hopefully we'll see SMG back in the future!
I'm glad the show failed. That's pretty selfish of me but I think the writing was really poor and SMG was too talented to be tied down to a project like that. At least this way she is free to explore new projects and isnít saddled with such a mediocre show. Of course, itís likely sheíll stay away from TV for a while with a new baby on the way but I really hope she makes a return to the small screen eventually.

It is unfortunate though that there was so much publicity surrounding her big return to TV and it didnít work out. It must be really disappointing for her that it turned out like this.
The show was stupid and Sarah didn't get to shine the way she did on Buffy. I even think her performance was kind of wooden, but the last few episodes of the season were fun.

Anyhow, I'm happy she's free to do bigger and better things and unhappy, because I think with her new child on the way, we won't be seeing her again anytime soon, which is a shame. But it's great that she is so family-oriented and that it's more iportant than her career. Makes her even more sympathetic.
electricspacegirl that second thing you said is incorrect .
Sparks, I believe Stephen King done beat us to the punch with a little story known as "The Dark Half". Not the movie, mind you, but the book.
I very much wanted to enjoy this show - interesting premise, beautiful actors/actresses, but terrible writing. I was disappointed and stopped watching. I guess other people did the same thing.
@impalergeneral "Or have her be an amateur P.I. who kicks butt. It's sorta like Buffy but I think people would like to see her as that."

Sorta like Buffy. Exactly like Veronica Mars.
The show was laughably bad. It proved the limitations of SMG's acting skills and the writers lived in fantasyland. I particularly loved the episode where SMG hid a two-day-old dead body in a trunk at a dinner party. Funny as hell. Of course it wouldn't have been funny to all those people trying to eat while gagging on the smell of decomp. That's when I purged "Ringer" from my DVR.
kinda feel sorr for smg but then i remember the live action scooby doo movies
On Scooby, she got to work with her husband. On Ringer, she was allowed to have her daughter on set. Sarah's first goal is personal happiness, then creative, I think.
I stuck with it as long as I could, but this was a very poor show. So many great shows get cancelled, I can't pretend to mourn the loss of a bad one.
I've never seen it but it had a passionate fanbase and speaking from experience, it's no fun when your favourite show gets cancelled.
I watched the first half of the season and gave up like most. I hope SMG gets something better next time around.
Not a surprise. I loved the cast, but they all deserve better.
I think a lot of the problem with Ringer (particularly among Buffy fans) is just a mismatch between people's expectations and what the show actually is. Because of SMG's presence the show drew a lot of people hoping it would be some kind of Buffy-substitute, but it was simply a radically different kind of show from BTVS. It's not the kind of show you sit around talking about after it has aired, dissecting the various layers of meaning etc. etc. It is, or was, a soap, pure and simple. It lived entirely in the narrative drive of "OMG, what is going to happen NEXT!"

To criticize it for being "unbelievable" (e.g., the "but the corpse would have smelled" criticism above) is like criticizing the Avengers movie because there aren't really any super-soldiers from WWII or because the physics of Hulk's attack on the space monsters just don't pencil out. It's not incorrect, but it's just irrelevant to the kind of story that was being told. A story whose very premise is a good twin taking over the life and identity of an evil twin has thrown "believability" out the window from the start; either you're willing to get on board that ride despite that, or you're not.

Personally, I was and I found it a total hoot. My friends and I would gather to watch it in a way we don't for any other program and have a great time crying out "Oh no! She didn't just do THAT!" and "OMG! It was HIM all ALONG!" as each jaw-dropping plot twist followed its predecessor. And I thought the cast was uniformly excellent--lead by SMG who is just a consummate TV actor. Again, the material demands an acting style that is just a little cartoonish, a little over the top--it's not holding a mirror up to nature, it's operating in the heightened, exaggerated world of the soap opera; but I think all the actors understood exactly what they were doing and did it beautifully. I'm definitely going to miss the show although I can't imagine ever rewatching an episode.
Gutted I really got into it towards the end (admittedly I stuck with it for SMG).

I want to know what happens next! really enjoyed the finale! SMG was ace!
Aww, I was kinda starting to like it. And my girlfriend was hugely disappointed to hear about it; she'd watched from the start.
to be honest when i see smg i think buffy one of the reasons i cant watch any thing else she's in
Well said Yoink.
I started watching it for SMG, but really did start to enjoy it. Of course not the writing of BtVS, but it was still fun. And I thought it had a great cast besides SMG. It was the only new show that I started to watch. So much awful stuff on TV these days.
I love SMG but Ringer failed to hold my interest. Just didn't think the writing was very strong on this one. Hope that Sarah gets a new TV gig though. I really enjoyed seeing her back on television!
I watched the first 6 episodes but then I gave up. While I wanted to see something new of SMG and like it Ringier didn't hold my interest.

I was waiting to see if it was renewed to watch it during the sommer months, that unfortunatly will not happen.
I feel badly for both Sarah Michelle Gellar and her on-screen hubby, Ioan Gruffud. Sarah for obvious reasons, and Ioan because I want to see Wales getting their talented thespians some overseas exposure via TV, since it's mainly Sir Anthony Hopkins (who admittedly has a film about the making of Psycho coming out) and Michael Sheen...and they're both movie actors with much/any TV work. Time to muscle in some Taffs into the mix of English and Australians getting US major network jobs!


Still, both are skilled actors and while I didn't withdraw in horror when I caught various episodes, I know that they both could do so much more than mediocre prime soap opera.
"Sorry, SMG. I was hoping for a better show."


Soooooo, I should just baahleet the eps on my DVR then? :(
BlueEyedBrigadier don't forget Owain Yeoman (The Mentalist) and until recently Matthew Rhys!
Yoink - I think you described the problem. Too many people are comparing Ringer to Buffy - of course it doesn't measure up to that. However, if you compare it to other tv fare these days, it was definitely better than most of what's on.
I watched the entire season, and frankly am not surprised it didn't get a second season. It started slow, got pretty good in the middle, but by the end it was just a series of twists & shocks instead of actual plot. And while it didn't take me out completely, the subplot with Juliet & her mother did seem to take away from Bridget's story (until it crashed into it at the end anyway). I would have liked to see more of Siobhan & Bridget.

I remember reading before the show premiered that the producers had story plans for three seasons. To me it felt like they had maybe two seasons of story that they were trying to pad out to three, and it made the first season suffer.
Though I realised it was going to be a mediocre show from the pilot,I watched the first 10 episodes just for SMG...But couldnt keep up anymore. Hope she gets something that is deserving of her talent.
@electricspacegirl--The witches think there are more than enough shows about witches on TV.
Feel grateful to have received a whole season of Sarah on my screen again, week after week. Happy for her with the new baby news and looking forward to seeing what's next. Will miss the crap out of her until then.

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