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May 11 2012

ABC picks up Shawn Ryan/Dichen Lachman thriller Last Resort. The drama series follows the crew of a submarine that takes to an island and declares themselves a nuclear state.

The pilot also features Andre Braugher, Scott Speedman, Robert Patrick, and others, obviously.

Will definitely watch it for Dichen!
Seems promissing! I love Dichen and Shawn Ryan created The Shield, which is one of my favorite shows. He also wrote a couple of great Angel episodes.
Why do I feel that is an adaptation of a novel? That premise feels very familiar.
It is a wonderful/exciting script. Can't wait to see this come to life.

That's all.
Hooray Dichen! And, you know, everyone.
Sweet, I was hoping this one would get picked up. It's like they threw a bunch of my favorite lesser known actresses into one show.
Looks promising.
Congrats to Dichen and the rest of the production. ABC has picked up several shows that I want to try, so I'm looking forward to the Fall.
Such an interesting premise, and I'm happy that Dichen is getting more work. If I could suggest Shawn Ryan also cast Enver in a role on the show. We already know he and Dichen have chemistry, and this guy deserves more work that we can all bask in!
This actually looks really cool.
The premise for this new show is so crazy it might just work.
And hey, at least it's not on Fox!
Bonus: Dichen!

Here's hoping that Ryan brings Tim Minear along for the ride - under an alias, perhaps, to shake off the 'curse' (Insider, Drive, Terriers, Chicago Code - too many good shows gone too soon).
Oooooh. I'm totally in for Dichen. Love her!
Awesome give that lady some work! Too talented to not be on our TV screens IMO.
Minear already shook off the "curse" with American Horror Story.
One of the few new shows I'm genuinely excited for. America likes Hawaii shows, so hopefully they won't schedule this opposite Hawaii Five-0.
Good point b!x - I'd heard that it had been renewed (quite early in its run as I recall) but had not heard of his continued involvement. Haven't watched the show yet but I'm glad (for Tim) for its success.
Andre Braugher?!

With the bonuses of Dichen and an interesting-sounding premise, I may actually have to try to catch a network show this fall!

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