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"Someone wasn't worthy."
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May 12 2012

Sign up for Whedonesque is open, join now - we'd love to have you come on board.

Doing a happy happy dance to FINALLY come on board! Thanks!
Welcome grrrar!

This will be interesting.
Currently doing the dances of both joy and honour simultaneously - it's quite a sight.
Great! I've been waiting for this day to come for a while :_D
I've read this site for YEARS (great work btw) and clicked on 'membership' dozens of times. I'm finally in! Haha! And with all kinds of Avengers and Cabin stuff to talk about. Superb.
YES! I've finally arrived at the crappy town where I'm the hero!
Not that this site is...

...uh, more Mudder's Milk over here!
And a toast to my fellow Whedonites.

Welcome aboard peeps! Glad to have you. It was a great day when I made my first post.

Hey there Caroline*, Iím curious about the statistics (I do love data). Interested to see how the membership has increased over the years (since I canít for the life of me remember how many members there were when I signed up).

*And thanks for all that you do. I dearly love this site.
Like Bunnies up there I've been reading the site for years as well. I'm sure you'll have a flood of new members now!
Makes me happy to finally be part of the club!
Amazing! I love this site. After all these years I can stop lurking and start adding to the conversations.

Yay for the purple posse! (Whedon warriors? Joyful Jossians?) uh hmm...yay Whedonites!
sweet i finally got in
Now you all just have to get sorted!

Wait...that's wrong...
Finally I'm a part of the crew! :D
Wowzers! After all this time I finally joined up. I love this site and the great discussions here are such great food for thought.
I've been reading this site since Dr. Horrible came out. So glad to finally join up with you guys. I've viewed this as the great gathering place of Whedon fans for such a long time.

Grr, Argh.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love that being a member of Whedonesque now makes me officially cooler than anyone I know (present company excluded, of course) :-)
@Hera Oooh, I wish I had stats readily available, but I'd have to count by hand.
After more than one year of stalking, I am happy I can finally voice my thoughts here. I love this place <3
Been going on this website for years, but I never thought of actually signing up. I saw the post at the top of the page and took it as a sign that I should. Here I am!
Ummm been a few years but I'm finally official and stuff so, I'm gonna go get coffee and try to come up with something witty to say for my next comment. Till then...hi!
A tip of the hat to my fellow Browncoats and Scoobies.So great to be here.
Awesome! Glad to be here at last!
The best way to smuggle Alliance goods is to stamp a big "BIOHAZARD" label on it and pretend to want to dump it with them. Just FYI.
So nice to see new faces here - not that the old ones are irksome or anything.

Thanks for opening sign up. I missed it the last time but now I finally get to be in this awesome club. :D
Glad to be here finally. :)
This totally just made my day!!!

*does the dance of joy*
Howdy howdy everyone! Long time listener first time caller here, Whedon fan from Buffy day one and longtime appreciator of Whedonesque. Always miss these sign ups, score one for days off!
I'm just echoing what others have been saying, but I've been a long time follower of this site (years and years) and am just psyched to be a member.
Oh my Whedon! Finally on this site! Love it and check it everyday religiously. :) Currently doing the dance of joy!
Finally after many years i can join the board of my fellow Whedon diehards. I have been coming on this site pretty much every day for years so i will be hopefully contributing to many discussions. I am doing like Numfar right now!!
I'm honored to be a part of the crew! Like everyone who posted before me, I've been waiting years for this day! Thank you much.
10 years and I have finally joined!!!! feels odd considering I read this I have pretty much read this site every single day!!

Lordy has it really een a decade! Anyways look forward to be able to actually join the discussions as apposed to sitting mubling to myself!
2002: 00432 members.
2003: 01461 members.
2004: 02379 members.
2005: 03647 members.
2006: 04999 members.
2007: 06222 members.
2008: 07180 members.
2009: 08193 members.
2010: 09100 members.
2011: 09229 members.
2012: 10421 members, and counting...

* Cherry-picked statistics courtesy of the Wayback Machine.
Yay, after many years visiting this site, I can finally post my thoughts on the work of that Josh Weedon guy!
Sweet action!

Yeah, pretty much what RobM just said.
WOW 10k + members?? Nice!
Yay! Been waiting to be able to sign up for AGES :) Bring on the discussions!
Finally signed up. No more lurking!
It says 4 day period to post links; I've been here since last sign up and still can't do that... Am I just being blind or is this a glitch?
Just yesterday I thought 'now that this is one of my homepages, I really really must not miss the next signup window'. Superb timing!

And of course, I can think of nothing witty or interesting to say. All hail Joss.
Thanks very much, have been lurking for ages, am very happy to be allowed to say something finally...
I've been lurking forEVER too, and a Whedon fan since Buffy's first tv episode! Yay to finally be part of the conversation.
Like the other newcomers, happy to have the opportunity to read *and* participate.
Thanks so much for opening up membership! Proud to be a part :)
Yay!! Thanks for taking new members. I had an account years ago but lost the info. Nice to be able to comment again.
Thanks, guys. I have wanted to sign up for awhile. Double plus happy to be a member!
Im in! I'm in! Im part of an elite club of die hard fan boys! Let the nerdom begin!
Where's the like button? When does the mobile version of this site come out?

(I can say that here, right?)
"And a toast to my fellow Whedonites.



Welcome n00bz, there is no bar but we have cookies! Just don't set the couches a'fire, k?

Who's passing out pledge pins?
Thanks. I missed the last window. All that's left is for be to be more than a Firefly/Dr. Horrible/Dollhouse guy and add Buffy/Angel to my world.
In the hopes that this doesn't sound presumptuous coming from a non-moderator, welcome new posters!
Thanks for opening up the flood gates, happy to finally have a chance to join this found family.
Well, Jologs, there's no like button, but the mobile site already exists: (I've been using it a lot the past week, to keep up with comments while I'm at work. Good thing I finally got a smartphone.)

Welcome to all the new people!
I got in a couple of weeks ago, I think - I'm so happy to be here! I lurked for three years, and it's amazing to see my name up there.
WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Dance of Joy!....Thanks, I am very very happy to be part of the whedonesque family :D
Welcome, all! Welcome to a nonjudgemental troll-free world of stimulating intellectual discussions, wit, sarcasm, and fun! Always glad to see new faces (uh, usernames) contrubuting to the word that is WHEDONesque!

Comment! Link! Debate! Reference! Enjoy!
Welcome to the newcomers.
@ Dude Meister
fixed that for ya
Woo!! Happy to be among y'all
@brinderwalt: Thanks for posting those stats.
Much more convenient then making Caroline count by hand.
Yay! I finally joined! Wooohooo!
@Caroline Aha, thank you!
And I can now edit comments too, like this! More thanks.

[ edited by Dude Meister on 2012-05-12 17:24 ]
New people! Whoo! Hoo!


Welcome new peeps!
NEVER! I shall never be part of this.

Welcome to the newcomers.
Hello!!! I've been reading Whedonesque for AGES, so proud to finally call myself a member :D **WAVES**
Delighted to be on board! Miss the old Bronze Beta and love places that are Whedon positive .

Wooooo! Thanks so much! Can't wait to join the discussion about The Averagers!
I saw someone online ask the other if they needed to be a Joss Whedon fan to enjoy Avengers. As Joss has been getting a lot of credit for the success of Avengers which got me thinking just outside of Whedonesque how many new people might becoming Joss fans.

Anyways, awesome to see new faces joining.

As beyond coming here for the Whedonesque news of the day, it's also seeing what other fans have to say about the news of the day that is interesting.

So welcome everyone who is new! :)
I'm so excited, I'll be in ma bunk.
Yeah!!! I'm a member!! Like really??
This has been my Whedon info page since forever and now I can actually join in.
Hmmm now for something witty and interesting to say ...
Welcome, new people. Someone please get them their copies of The Whedonesque Newbies Short Guide to Picnicking.
Nice! I've been a Whedon fan since Firefly was on the air, and frequent visitor to the site, but this is the first time I've caught this in time. I'm glad to be here!
I'm so proud to finally be a voice in this little chorus that was (and now is exploding across the globe).

Thank you to all those that have kept this site going for so long for all of us quiet, shy lurkers and lovers of all things Joss that have kept silent our adoration. Those of us have a voice. ;)

Joss and his creative works have meant so much to my life through the years. I can't speak for everyone, but I humbly appreciate the opportunity to be a part.

Now this is the part where I scream, shout and run through the house flailing my arms...finishing with a sit and smile...I'm here!! :)
I'm speechless. Longtime fan and reader (7 years now?) and I always missed the registration window. This is my lucky day! :)

Thank you guys!
So Whedonesque has been here for ten years? It is pretty auspicious that this has become the year of Whedon (when more new Joss Whedon projects are being released than ever before). I've been a member for 8 1/2 years (and I was a lurker for over a year before I was able to join); this is my favorite site online. I can always come here for all the latest news in the Whedonverse and a lot of fun/interesting conversation. So welcome newbies, and congratulations to Caroline & the mods.
Hi, everyone - great to be here!
Finally I can stop lurking. I look forward to discussing and debating further Whedon projects with everyone. This is a real good day!
I've been lurking for about 8 years now so I'm happy to finally join!
Wow does it feel good to finally join this site instead of lurking. Thanks!
pfeifferpack-You know the Bronze Beta is still there, right?
Happy to be a member after following the site for many years!
yay finaly, thanks for letting me in :)
Welcome, one and all, to the greatest place to be on the Internet!
Welcome, newbies! Sites come and go throughout the years but The Black, as we call her, is an institution. You should be proud to be here, and I'm heartwarmed to see all the happy!!

Congratulations to Caroline, Simon, Milo, Z, SNT, and now Sunfire for TEN YEARS of intelligent discourse, welcome humor, zero fuckface-tolerance, and unabashed love for all things Whedonesque. I'm Willowy, member number 1311, joined in 2003.

One hard and fast (unpublished) rule? NOBODY picks on Madhatter!

Welcome new people!
Finally i'm a member too, been watching the site for ages, keep on with the good work :)
I've been reading the site for a decade, but always managed to miss registration.

It feels suprisingly surreal to actually be posting here.
Hello, like-minded people :)
Welcome all! And remember....don't feed the animals.
Been waiting to join for a long time! Thanks!
Finally in! =)
RobM - It's Josh Wheldon not Weedon. Geeze, noobs...aren't they cute? ;-)

But seriously, welcome everyone. This is such a great community. As Willowy and others have said, intelligent, respectful, and fun.
Ah, finally joined in homage to The Purple Forehead after seven years. YeeHAH!
I figured I'd never get a chance to join. It's a happy day!
I have waited a long time for this! so excited to join
In! Awesome!

Could this month get any better?
Wow... how many days I've had things to say and couldn't say them. This is going to be fun! :)
Welcome, everyone! Can't wait to read all your thoughts/opinions/squees :)
Lovely to stop stalking and start talking. Thank you. Wonderful to hang out with people who somehow learned to spell! And grammar and stuff. I just know it's a good looking crowd, too.
Zipping by whedonesque, as I have for years, to pick up Avengers/CitW tidbits and there's a signup window going on. That is the very definition of a crazy, random happenstance. Glad to finally be aboard!
And congratulations to the moderators for running the club everyone wants to join!
Oh, this is crackin' this is! I've been on here, no word of a lie, for 3, maybe 4, years. So nice to finally be part of the "team". Go Joss!
I've been following for years... finally caught a sign-up time! So happy to be here.
Wow, it's incredibly weird to see a white 'add a comment' box at the bottom of a Whedonesque page. I'm another one who's been reading the site for a few years, but it's nice to finally be an official member of the club.
Welcome to all new members - great to have you here!
Nice to join the party at a time like this. :) I've been growing up on Buffy, so I'm conditioned to love almost everything that followed and I'm ridiculously happy to share my insane happiness these days with you guys.
Wow!! ... Im a Member! ... Just enjoying the moment..(pause)..Now back to the fun on the Main page... :)
Thanks for having me, peeps! And Special thanks from the Response e-mail... ( Simon).. Wasn't sure if Joss' site was still excepting members, however it did say closed atm. ( wasn't sure)

Welcome to all the new members! Looking forward to wasting time at work with y'all. Well, wasting work time. Discussing Whedon itself is never a waste of time.
RobM, Znachki - I thought it was Wosh Jeedon? Or am I thinking Jose Wheelie? We should get this guy's name right, damn it, he's really Big at the moment.
RutherfordDActualPerson, I've been a fan of your Joss Whedon interviews for quite a while now. You really know how to ask the hard-hitting directed questions. It seems strange that you weren't given an honorary membership before ;).

Love the nick :). Welcome to you and all the other newbies. Always great to see shiny new faces!

I have a feeling that there will be plenty more lurkers waiting for their chance to sign up. The long years of lurking do lead to a greater appreciation once one does come onboard :)
Been following this site for TEN years and was originally too chicken to sign up/want to post. By the time I decided I wanted to join in on the fun, it was too late. I cannot tell you how excited I am that I finally have a login! Thank you!!
YAY! I finally caught the boat. Reading for who knows how long! So happy to be in!! :)
*sniff* I remember when we were only up to four digits! It's grown so much!
Welcome to all the new folks.
I love this place. :)
I know you all will too.
Ah, but the more people who know, the more it cheapens it for the rest of us!

Ok not really, but a good Xander quote never hurts ;)
Cool :). Welcome new peeps!
now the whole world knows the genius that is joss whedon, it took them long enough! Kneel down i say! :-)

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