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May 12 2012

Jane Espenson talks (and drinks cocktails) with Stan Lee. In which they discuss flawed characters, Buffy and some Joss.

"Something that a girl might say..."

The "Big Bad" comment aside, it was nice to hear Stan Lee say "The man can do no wrong" about Joss.
Oh Stan, you're so adorably awkward.
This was so happy making. ☺

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I would LOVE to see Ms Espenson tackle Runaways - someone needs to rescue that comic from the hell in which it currently resides - and I can think of no-one better. Make mine Marvel.
Awesome interview. I really enjoyed this. Jane is one of my favorites, and Stan Lee is a really interesting guy.
A small part of me feels like it was a fan (or possibly fans) that said "big bad" first. It just feels like something one of us would have said and it would just catch on. However I can also see Joss refering to it that way too, especially in the sense of "how would this group of teenagers refer to this?" All in all, that was a smile making interview! Smart people cheering on other smart people is always awesome.
ninjapigeon Smart people in clumps IS awesome. I want to be a female nerd like Jane Espenson and talk to Stan Lee. Or just be Jane Espenson (without Topher, any attics, or apocalyptic software, involved. Admiration, not Dollhouse, is what I'm trying to say here.

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