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May 12 2012

What next after Joss Whedon's miracle year? Ben Child posts his dream list on the Guardian's Film Blog.

I will forever pine to see what a Whedon Wonder Woman movie would have been like. Boat has likely been missed, but I bet Joel Silver will experience a few awkward silences at WB meetings as his studio deal winds down.
Buffy movie by Joss ofcourse!

And a Firefly series reboot.

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I think this list probably could have been written without the sort of ad hominem remarks about Whit Anderson. Unless he's got some insider knowledge, all we know is that her script apparently went nowhere with the powers that be.
As to the subject at hand, my answer's what it always is: whatever he wants to do next. (But, also, #FreeGoners.)
My list would have featured Firefly seasons 2-7 rather than Serenity 2 and 3. Or both!
Wonder Woman will not get made by Whedon. I'd say Serenity 2 has a better chance. Goners would be nice, but I'm really interested in Wastelanders. Especially if Whedon plans to do it as a high production value web series. I want someone to show the networks and cable that the internet is where we are heading.
I agree about Wonder Woman, I think it's a real shame he didn't get to do it.

I also agree re Firefly season 2,3..... as opposed to Serenity 2,3.

And I agree about any other new Whedon stuff, that he wants to do!
I think Joss needs to move forward instead of step back. While we'd all like to see more Firely/Serenity, I just don't think it is going to happen, especially as a TV series. Nathan, Morena, and Jewel have other jobs (read that LA Complex is being renewed in Canada, don't know if it will air in US).
I agree about the criticism of Whit Anderson being uncalled for, since we only ever heard an opinion from the people wanting to make the reboot, and I don't have any reason to trust their taste.

The past projects I'd most want to see revived are Goners and The Serving Girl. Otherwise, I'll eagerly await whatever he decides to do.

While reading that article I had a thought. Warner Bros put an end to his Wonder Woman because they had different visions, and now they probably regret their decision. But they presumably still possess Joss Whedon's script somewhere. Since he wrote it under their employment, would that mean they have all the rights to it? And theoretically, could they give his script to someone else to direct (and possibly/probably distort his vision) while still keeping his name on the screenplay? That way WB could still end up with a Wonder Women film with Joss's (now marketable) name attached... That's a wild theory on my part and I have absolutely no idea how rights issues and names and these things work in Hollywood. So ignore this if it's too ridiculous.
@Blulark Sadly, I think the word ridiculous could be replaced with the word, repugnant, and become horrifyingly true. Maybe they'll give the first pass of the re-write to Zak Penn.

ETA - I must admit to having no expectations for what Mr Joss does next. It's been a hell of a ride so far, and I cannot wait to see what he chooses to drop into my lap next. Of course, when I say "lap", I could have said eargerly grasping hands, but I don't see how that sounds appreciably better.

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I agree. I want to clarify that I do not want that to happen! Bad things tend to happen when other people try to do their own thing with Joss's work.
ooh ooh Ripper!
Wasn't Joss busy when the producers asked him if he could write it?

EDIT- And by "it", I mean the Buffy movie.

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He should look to the future; new ideas, new projects. I don't think Joss would be well suited by looking to the past, though many fans certainly want him to. The future is what beckons, not rekindling the hopes of yesterday.
Nick Brendon said that Joss said if ever they did a Buffy movie the comic books wouldn't be included. As much as I love the books, I was glad to hear that.

I'd love to see older, grizzled Scoobs. Oh, the possibilites. :D
The Scoobies minus Angel and Spike, of course. Vamps don't age, but David and James certainly have.
Yes, actors age, but we the audience can overlook that. The story is what's important. Let "the Joss" and the actors come together to make the magic once again.

And if we people get obsessed with the age thing, the Joss can create a fig leaf and pin it on. I'll buy it if we get more Buffy.
Plus we can always say that being ensouled makes them age. Spike's resurrection might be a little odd, but it's been done before! Woo-hoo! Let's get the old gang back together!
I'd probably pass out and then cry if they ever announced a Buffy spin-off, movie, or TV series. Even if Joss chose to bring back Buffy to the small/big screen with just ONE character, I would be so excited. I miss that universe. The comics just don't cut it. I need to see my favorite actors on TV playing those roles... just one more time before it's too late! I say, 2013: Buffy reunion, either through TV miniseries/series or movie. And if SMG isn't involved - do it without her!
I'd love to see Joss get picked up by HBO or Showtime or AMC or one of these networks that has clearly had success with hour-long commercial free shows ala True Blood or Dexter or Mad Men. I think that format would let him soar.
HBO will break your heart. They give a producer everything, right up to the time it becomes obvious that the series is not going to be a big hit. Then they cancel it, regardless of how artistically successful it is or where in the story arc it is. HBO always has two or three others in the pipeline and they don't care.

Mr. Whedon doesn't need HBO's lavish production budget or lack of limits on language and explicit sex. Everything he wanted to do with Dollhouse could have been done on certain basic cable networks, particularly AMC and FX, for a larger audience than the premium channels.
My wishlist:

1. Goners. I'm not holding my breath, but I'd guess Joss is *much* more likely to revisit this than something as ancient as "Afterlife." And I'm still intrigued by the hints we got about this story.

2. Wastelanders. Because post-apocalyptic stories are just neat. Also, this one is actually almost definitely happening. Yay!!

3. Whatever he wants to do next. Preferably something I wouldn't expect at all, because that's always fun.

4. Yeah, okay, I really want more Serenifly. Film, TV, web series, whatever. I don't think there's the slightest chance it will happen. But it would make me ridiculously happy.
He should look to the future; new ideas, new projects. I don't think Joss would be well suited by looking to the past, though many fans certainly want him to. The future is what beckons, not rekindling the hopes of yesterday.

One of my favorite things about how Joss Whedon operates is that he doesn't just create (often, frequently) awesome stories, he also creates awesome universes to back them up; universes the scopes of which almost always end up dwarfing the original stories for which they were conceived. The story that was Firefly is long dead. The same with Buffy, and Dollhouse, and [insert name here]. Their universes, however, are very much alive and - I think - ripe for the sowing of new ideas and new projects if joss feels like pursuing as such.

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Bleak, post-apocalyptic dystopia? Totally my wheelhouse. Wastelanders sounds like something specifically targeting my brainpan. But really, whatever the man wants to do. He zigs when everyone expects a zag, and it is always both entertaining and illuminating. I revere the characters and worlds he's already built, but I also welcome sharing his new obsessions.

Bring it, Joss -- whatever "it" may be.
Anyone else just excited for something fresh? He's been revisiting his own material and writing for other people's characters for the lot of the last decade.

I want to see what he can do when he can do what he wants to do.

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But I am insanely stoked for the Wastelanders stuff. Ellis + Whedon = All The Good Things
If I could vote ... I would vote for a brand new TV series, about a super-powered teen girl in high school - who gets lots of witty quips, and gets taken to an extremely dark place, and our hearts melt as she weeps.

PS. This is my first post here ... after lurking for years, and hoping to join for months and months. Thanks for letting me join.
"Miracle Year" - sounds so nicely Einstein :)
My votes also go to: brand new things, Wastelanders and a new show on television wherein he gets the same deal that Louis C.K. has with FX: essentially, in exchange for a tiny budget, C.K. has complete creative control:

Television showrunners are notorious multitaskers, with the most successful able to toggle easily between the roles of CEO and auteur. But Louis’s work on Louie requires a whole different level of personal oversight. The show is based on his life. Louis is the director. He’s also the only writer, the sole editor (he no longer shares duties with the co-editor he had last season), not to mention the person who oversees music (when the music guy’s budget ran out, he decided to do it himself). He also hired his own casting team: Last season, he turned down FX’s offer to help out and doesn’t inform them about casting in advance. But perhaps the most unusual aspect of the show is that Louis C.K. gets no notes from the network during filming, no script approval—an ­unheard-of “Louis C.K. deal” that has made him the envy of comics and TV writers alike.

Obvs. Joss would probably need other writers and directors, but it would be AMAZING if he could combine the creative autonomy of Bellwether with the financial backing of a traditional Hollywood network.
Since I was never a Buffy(SMG) fan and only watched for Spike, without James Marsters I would pass. The age thing I could overlook, heck I overlook it everyday when I look in a mirror. lol
I would love more Firefly.
DH2 is at the top of my list... and, I thought I remember (from a segment on the Signal podcast) that the cast was all signed to a 3 picture deal for Serenity, right? Can someone confirm that. I guess that deal's probably lapsed, but more Firefly sounds so cool.

I do hope more TV does end up being in the cards. I would have liked to have seen where Dollhouse Encouraging to read Joss's post.

Also, agree with you, b!x, the dig on Whit Anderson seemed snarky and uncalled for.
I'm kind of looking forward to "In Your Eyes." I haven't seen much mention of that. Joss is great for NEW, inventive stories. I'd like to see him go forward instead of back. If he were to do the whole slayerverse thing again, it could be Fray, but he could go in an entirely different direction altogether, and I would follow.
I agree with those who just want something new. With the exception of Firefly, I think I'd rather see a brand new set of Whedon Characters. It would sucha larger addition to the Whedonverse.
Lumas basically said what I was thinking. I'm really excited about Much Ado and whatever else Joss comes up with, including Avengers 2/3/x. I'd much rather see more Firefly than Serenity movies, but both would be fine. I like dreamin', 'cause dreamin' can make her fly. 0:-)
My Joss-List:

1. Much Ado ....IN WIDE RELEASE!
2. HE return to comics. Perhaps an arc or two in the season 9 buffy-verse or a limited run on an Avengers title?
3. original TV work. Perhaps something for HBO or a cable channel?
4. Oh yea ok, Wonder Woman too.
Not one of those has a chance higher than 1/10 - most significantly lower! But my list would be:

1. Buffy movie - the comics don't do it for me, sadly (I loved Fray, but not the Buffy-comics) and I just HAVE to see how Buffy ended all demons for centuries (Fray reference)!
2. Firefly season 2 - my heart still bleeds for the unjust cancellation, I'm still puzzled by the blue sun-references, and just miss our big damn heroes
3. Something new! Preferably on tv, since a movie is just a couple of hours where a series can afford you years of enjoyment. But if Joss wants to make more movies, I'm cool with that too ;-)
Basically, all I want is more Joss. I'm good with more Avengers, more anything else he's already done, &/or more new stuff. If he does more TV, I just hope it's readily, immediately, legally available online. I can't justify paying exorbitant fees to a company I loathe for 40 minutes of entertainment a week for 10-24 weeks a year.
My wish list (in the form of a top eleven, because ten just isn't enough ;)):

1. A completely new, original television show on a basic cable network.

2. A completely new, original internet serial. (Wastelanders could be this, though it's at least as much Warren Ellis as it is Joss Whedon, so it's probably much less 'Jossian' than, say, Dr. Horrible. Still excited, though).

3. A completely new, original independent movie. (Hello there, 'In Your Eyes'. Very much looking forward to that one. Also to Much Ado, but I prefer new stories).

4. A completely new, original major blockbuster. (Joss' 'Inception' - I do prefer his smaller works, though - a blockbuster probably means reigning in his more 'defining' style).

5. Serenity 2. (It should probably be up there on the #1 spot, but as this just isn't going to happen, I'm also less excited about it).

6. Doctor Horrible 2. (This is going to happen and it's going to be great).

7. More Buffyverse goodness (A movie continuation of the franchise I'd love, but it just isn't going to happen. I'd also be happy with original stories set in the same fictional universe, though - let's say something like 'Ripper').

8. A new, original comic series (His 'Y: The Last Man').

9. A feature-length musical. (Loved DHSAB and I loved OMWF, even though I'm not a particular fan of musical. And so I'd love to see him do another one).

10. A novel! (Not sure if Joss'd feel comfortable writing one, but I'd love to see him try his hand at prose).

11. Any of his cancelled former projects like 'Goners' (I find them interesting prospects, but as I know next to nothing about them, I find I can't bring the 'love' for them like other people can. I'd be just as glad with new original works. Having said that though, I'd still be very interested to see what these older projects would have looked like).
In an idle moment or two I have been daydreaming about what could happen if JW took on some Ursula Le Guin novels and gave them the treatment they deserve. Imagine how good his version of Left Hand Of Darkness might be.
The other more guilty pleasure would be for him to adapt and direct the Eve Dallas/ In Death series by JDRobb (aka Nora Roberts) which are definitely Ripping Yarns with a kickass heroine and futuristic settings. I'll just go off and daydream some more about that.
Realistically, I'll just be happy when we get DH2. Anything he does in addition to that is pure gravy (or chocolate syrup).

UN-realistically, I'd love more Firefly/Serenity (in any form), BUT only with all of the original actors back - that's why it's un-realistic.

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