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May 12 2012

New daughter for Chris Hemsworth. He and his wife just had a new baby girl named India.

Congratulations! Welcome to earth, India!
Talk about a great year for Mr. Hemsworth! Congrats to them!
Many congratulations! A beautiful name, and Chris Hemsworth sounds like he knows how just wonderful girls are! (Boys too!)
Congrats! Love his comments about girls and his mother.
Congrats!!India's a beautiful name :)
I smell an "Avengers Babies" spin off...
3 major movie releases plus a new daughter... what a year. I loved what he said about strong women! We need more men like that.
Congratulations to the proud parents!
Congrats!!! I LOVE Chris Hemsworth.

And I love how he's definitely a Whedon actor. :D (I mean, two Joss Whedon-related films in one year?) :D
4 movies this year, actually. Red Dawn will be released before the end of the year. And yay on new baby girl!
Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Hemsworth! This proves that even though most of us find our way into the Whedonite fold in one manner or another, some Whedonites are actually born into our clan.
When she starts talking, be sure to teach her to say "uncle Joss"...
Congrats to your happy family!

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