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May 12 2012

Hear Loki impersonate Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson (NSFW). Oh, the talents Tom Hiddleston has! A short audio compilation of snippets from interviews in which he can be heard impersonating Owen Wilson, Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson. Warning: he curses a bunch when doing his Evans impression.

I love him so much!
Whoever edited this made a mistake in not including the part where he raps Will Smith's "Miami".
He is... PERFECT.
What an amusing fellow.
That was pretty funny
He IS perfect.

There's a whole meme now about his laugh, "EHEHE" and the way he sticks out his tongue when he does it. He's so talented. You should see/hear him do Henry V on the fly... mymymymymy. There's also audio of his reading of "She Walks In Beauty..." that is NOT to be missed. He's also a dancer.

Also when you prank someone now, you're supposed to yell "Loki'd!" while running away. Yes, they know it's not grammatically correct. They don't care. :)

And GreatMuppetyOdin I agree... that was - not to overuse, but - perfect.
Too spectacular.
I could listen to this all day.
That actually cracked me up! Just a little.
I think I have a new celebrity crush. The beginning of a pretty bad one too. I had no idea he even existed before I saw 'Thor'.
Tom Hiddleston doing Will Smith's Miami? Whawhawhuuh?

::runs immediately to youtube::

Here it is! I am so amused by Tom. I hope he becomes one of Joss' hat-trick actors, people whom he casts in his works again and again. I'd love to see what else they can do together.
Skytteflickan88, email me and I'll send you some very nice things. He's pretty incredible.

Also wanted to add that he's one of the only stars that continuously praises Joss. I mean EVERY interview. Even that weird Russian one.

I too hope they work together again. <3
Wow, that was fun :) I also loved seeing his St. Crispin's speech (posted a few days ago). Too bad he's not in Joss' Much Ado, but perhaps they'll do some Shakespeare one day :)
Hiddleston hosting SNL would be genius! Love him.

E-mailed you. And now I need to find those interviews with him.
He sounded just like Owen Wilson! That's insane!

Hmm. Can you imagine him and Enver doing impressions together?

I wonder if either of them can impersonate Joss?
Man, he's brilliant, he really is. I'm kinda sad now he won't be in Much Ado! But I can definitely see him becoming part of the regular Joss crew, doing spontaneous Shakespeare readings at Joss' house.
Ahh! Now I'm stuck on youtube watching Tom Hiddleston clips. I had no idea he could speak so many languages!
Mare: That's not even the interview I was talking about. I guess he did it more than once.
He brought it a bit more in this one:
(At about 7:16.)

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While searching for Tom Hiddleston-related funny videos I found one where he imitates Yoda. I just hope he never stops.

ShadowQuest: Him and Enver in the same room would be a lot of fun indeed! For Tom Hiddleston impersonating Joss, I think we'll just have to hope he talks about something Joss told him so that he can do his voice... I can't wait.
He and Joss definitely need to work together more. Tom obviously adores him, and he loves Shakespeare. What more does one need for a Jossmance?
@Skytteflickan88, Sent you some stuff! ;)

More to come, if you like. There's just SO much Tom out there, and I'm loving every second of it.

He just passed 100,000 followers on twitter, and seems a little stunned. Aww...
@Willowy, can you send me stuff? :)
Sure, lisatwingomez! Email's in the profile! :D
I just... love him. Off to youtube now.

Edited to add - I am interested to see what'll be next for him. I always worry a little bit when a newcomer comes along, because everyone starts off being all over them, but afterwards there's either a flood of fame/stalkers/the whole shebang - or a sudden silence. I think he'll be all right though.

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He's off to Germany to do a vampire love story right now, before that, it was Shakespeare. There's also something else coming after the love story... boy is BUSY!
Off to Germany :O WHERE! xD
Nice, GreatMuppetyOdin! I could watch him just talk/sing/rap/giggle all day. ShadowQuest, when I first heard his Owen Wilson impression I said something similar to my partner, "I'm getting serious Enver vibes from this guy's versatility as an actor!" I'd love to see Tom and Enver team up for a round of Whose Line Is It Anyway, I think that'd be a slice of hilarity heaven.

This flurry of amazing Hiddleston footage actually prompted me to re-watch Thor last night. Is it me, or does Whedon's camerawork in Avengers really just love and savor Loki in a way Brannaugh's does not? I enjoy him in Thor but in Avengers Loki really just blew me away. I don't think it has to do with Tom's acting abilities, so I'm thinking about what else could account for the difference. Screen time? Difference in use of Loki as storytelling device? Or does Joss just know how to get actors to give him their all?
He is going to be one of the biggest actors of the coming generation, no doubt about it. Probably alongside Benedict Cumberbatch. Also, if they were to make a Will Smith biopic, Tom should be the first they consider for the lead based on that performance...

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Ok I googled and apparently it's going to be shot in/around Cologne somewhere? I'm from Cologne = I'm happy ^_^
Illy, it's called something like "Only Lovers Be Spared" - not accurate, that's just from memory. He's tweeted that he's there already, so I guess we'll see it in about a year.

Here's the tweet:

Tom Hiddleston ‏ @twhiddleston
Sorry I've been quiet of late. Already hard at work on my next project. No rest for the wicked. Or the mischievous. Or the vampiric.... #fun
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Ohhh he's already there! And I am not. And he was in Cologne for the Latenight Show Interview.. hmm I keep missing these things xD
This is also a really cool interview if you'd like some personal info on the man. The only thing different that I know of is that he no longer has a girlfriend. He's definitely single right now.
Pity, I already have a boyfriend... xD thanks Willowy, will check the interview out!
"This flurry of amazing Hiddleston footage actually prompted me to re-watch Thor last night. Is it me, or does Whedon's camerawork in Avengers really just love and savor Loki in a way Brannaugh's does not? I enjoy him in Thor but in Avengers Loki really just blew me away..."

Mare, I do think Loki is far more evil and menacing now. In Thor, he's still very tortured and broken, crying and screaming all the time, "LOVE ME, NOTICE ME, ACCEPT ME!!". In Avengers, his jealousy and lust for power and respect has metastasized into a simmering, bubbling core of evil that has taken him over completely. Where before he wanted adulation, his place in a family, and a kingdom, now he just wants to fuck a bitch up!

He broke my heart in Thor, I actually cried over him. Tom is one HELL of an actor. I do think Branagh and Joss have vastly different directing styles, but I do prefer Joss's Loki, and the way Tom has developed him.
thanks again for the interview, Willowy, I just read it! Love Fawlty Towers - man's got great taste :D
Illy, I do too! Yes, he does have great taste. The other morning I woke up to him quoting Andrew Marvell on twitter.

Damn. Just Damn.
Yeah, it's interesting, I noticed him in Thor and became obsessed with him then... So what's with all the Loki love NOW? He's just as great, if not more layered in Thor, so why is everyone fan girling now? I have been for quite some time now lol

And I'm really glad Tom's getting the attention he deserves. I have a feeling he's going to be one of those actors that in retrospect, won't even be remembered for Loki, but for some role he plays and wins an Oscar for. Rarely does a comic book film actor is so fantastic an actor, so when it does happen (i.e. The Dark Knight), it's always exhilarating to watch. Can't WAIT for Thor 2. I hope the director/writers don't screw up a potentially amazing character in the Marvel movie universe that could have the most layers/depth in the superhero movie genre.
So far they're doing great with him. I have every hope that they'll continue to develop him, and what I'd really like to see is the beginning of his redemption.

Tom really has a handle on Loki, too, so I doubt he'd play him too far from believable.

Sending you stuff now. :)
Wow - he was born when I was in my second semester of Kindergarten.

Interesting that his two sisters are named Sarah (older) and Emma (younger).

When I finally get to see War Horse I'll have to pay attention to his character. And one of these days I really have to see Thor.

Are there any parallels between Loki & any of the "Buffy" characters?
Oh, ShadowQuest, he is most definitely the Spike.
Willowy, I couldn't agree more and that's the very reason why I probably love Loki so much haha also, James Marsters and Tom Hiddleston are very comparable... Humble, good-natured, down to earth, kind and genuine.
Good comparisons of Tom Hiddleston and James Marsters. There's also their theatre backgrounds. I think it gives their acting a certain quality. Both of them need to work with Joss again.

Also, I've just discovered that I saw Tom Hiddleston in a production of 'Cymbeline' in 2008! Gah, I didn't even know to appreciate that at the time. I'm stunned.
I love his Owen Wilson impersonation.
Owen's great, though I like the Chris Evans impersonation the best. It just doesn't seem like 'fuck' is a word Tom just throws around, so (being a huge fan of the word), I find it hilarious when he uses it so comfortably in mimicking Chris. XD
Like the Tom appreciation... he just comes across as such a nice guy in interviews.

There's also this great Empire webchat transcript here:
Bluey, thank you for that! I hadn't seen it! People had referenced it but it was very cool to read.

He's wonderful.
I specifically bought my Thor ticket for the eye candy that is Chris Hemsworth.
But I came out of the theatre thinking, "is it weird that I find Loki hotter?"
Love the impressions. And the voice.

He is definitely the Spike

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Definitely see the Spike/James Marsters relation there - Tom also does book readings. He's just doing it all and oh so well. I hope Joss snatches him up so we can keep him ;p
The Red Necklace comes to mind. “I will be the first man to kiss you… to bed you. Whether you come willingly or not, you will be mine, and mine alone.”


He's already off to do several other projects, but as much as he praises Joss, I wouldn't be surprised if he was already riding the "When Whedon Calls, I'm There" bandwagon.

"Yeah, it's interesting, I noticed him in Thor and became obsessed with him then... So what's with all the Loki love NOW? He's just as great, if not more layered in Thor, so why is everyone fan girling now? I have been for quite some time now lol"

The bad boy vibe is stronger now(very Spike, btw)? In 'Thor', he was a bit more of a whiny brat.

But to be honest, it was this audio clip that won me over, and made me interested in the actor as well(which made my fascination with the character grow).

I agree on the Spike vibe for Loki and the Marsters vibe for the actor. Nice, genuine, interesting Shakespeare loving fellas that play bad boys.

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