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May 12 2012

Cloud Five comic features geeks attending Avengers premiere. Web comic depicts varied (though all positive) geek reactions to The Avengers' opening night. The next three strips continue the story. Minor spoiler.

WELL, the guy wearing the Buffy shirt obviously wasn't paying attention in Season 4 Episode 1 "The Freshman" when Xander said to Buffy, "Avengers Assemble". Some Buffy fan.
This pretty much was my exact reaction. to be fair I am going back and reading some comics now. but joss was my main reason for seeing this
Touche WhatsAStevedore! :}
I think Joss would agree that "Captain Flag" is a bigger geek failure.
I love this comic! It shows the two main reasons, and the two main types of fans that were so excited for the film. I of course knew who The Avengers were from reading comics all my life, but had never followed them religiously. I was freaking out because it was a blockbuster by JOSS!! Happy to say I was thrilled on both counts, and now care more about the franchise than ever before.

And now I have to say this, unless I want the fandom to disown me: "Because Tom Hiddleston".
Got distracted by the fact that the font on the shawarma place's window was Papyrus.

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