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May 14 2012

Full video of Equality Now's 20th anniversary event, with Joss Whedon material. The entire event from April 19 of this year has been posted by Equality Now. Joss Whedon wrote several bits, and Eliza Dushku appears. Includes the ability to skip directly to any given segment.

One of the Joss-written segments is missing its first half due to some technical issue, but the script was posted in full.

And this goes into my list of all-time best Joss-penned exchanges now. Invisotexting it because it really should be heard in context.

Cheers, I was hoping this would appear online.
I do not know how Joss has the time and energy to do all that he does. I particularly liked the first piece with the three young women, as well as Joss's own presentation. But what's even better is the fact that he makes time for this organization and it's wonderful work. And I would not have known of it, or would not have known about it as early, without Joss and Whedonesque.

Thanks for posting this.
Excellent, thanks for posting. Joss's speech on change was my favourite - it's like we hear all his characters rolled up into one when he does his speeches. Really inspirational stuff.
This was lovely, I'm glad it is available online. Awareness is the bottom line.
Joss speech is at the 47 minute mark. It is definitely worth a listen.
LOVED his speech. And his written scenes. But mainly his speech.
Loved the speech, and the sketches, but i loved the evil robot the most: to me, Joss is better, more meaningfull and more far reaching when he uses humor and absurdism.
OMG, somebody I used to teach was in it. That's weird, but in a wonderful way.

I loved the Evil Robot sketch - very Joss voice there.

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