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May 15 2012

Buffy Movie/Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic DVD out today. Sadly there's no cover art for this double feature. ETA: Oh yes there is! Click here to see.

It's also listed at

Sounds even more eclectic than Daryl Epps' girlfriend.
Anyone else think this is a weird combo? Never heard of it before today.
The "beginning" that kinda fits combined with the official continuation. Weird, just weird.
Should be called the Better Left Buried Collection. I mean come on, 'sith'? That's not even a word.
Strangely, it also lists it as 'by Donald Sutherland and Paul Reubens' --- wake up, Amazon :).
This bears multiple viewings.
Well it's not the official continuation per se - it's someone's adaptation of Joss's material. Something it has in common with the movie - so maybe it's not so much a weird combo as it is a combo of the similarly weird.
There has to be one person who has never seen the show but who will watch this double bill.
Double the Joss Bastardization, Double the agony!
Walmart has the cover art on its site.
Cheers, the Twilightesque cover for the movie always amuses me.
Oh, weird, I didn't get it until I saw the cover art. There's a couple things that happen between the movie and S8... just a few... ignoring the not-a-direct-continuation aspect :).
Once again, they take the wrong approach. Is it too much to go out and interview Kristy Swanson and Luke Perry at least...even David Arquette and Paul Reubens to recall what it was like on the set when the movie was made 20 years ago? I'm not sure you could get Donald Sutherland to talk about that movie. Still, that would have been a good idea that no one decided to do.
I'd buy the movie on blu ray if Joss did a commentary detailing every thing the movie did wrong vs what it got right.
A-men, eddy. Of course, that dream DVD is unlikely.
I can think of a thousand things I'd rather see Joss spend his time doing than that. And that's just the limits of my own imagination.

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