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May 15 2012

President Obama watched The Avengers. When making an appearance on The View, Obama was quizzed about his knowledge of pop culture and had no problem naming three Avengers as he "just saw it".

On one hand, it's not too surprising that he'd see the biggest film in America, if only to navigate situations like this without looking out of touch.

Yeah thats pretty awesome. Now do we think he went to the movies or it was sent to him? Cuz thats just too cool.
I would imagine he saw it in the White House Family Theater.
Good for him... i guess...
Well it's not like he can take the kids out to the local cineplex. Of course they have family movie nights. Every president does that.
Video didn't work for me, but it's on the ABC site as well:
Well... you can see who the Avengers are by walking into the lobby of a movie theater... or around a mall... or a video store... or the frozen aisle of a grocery store... or a Target... or the kids' t-shirt area of Old Navy...

But awesome nonetheless.
As a non-American, I fail to see how this is relevant to this website. Is Whedonesque cheerleading for politicians now (Obama in this case)?
No Obamas just the current president. Its cool that the president saw this movie. regardless of who he was. I mean hes kind of an important person. It shows how widespread the success of the film is.
I was watching the President on the View this morning and I was sorry they interrupted him when he was naming Avengers, I thought he had something more to say (like how awesome the movie was!).
obillow - it's a fun bit of fluff, that's all.
That is so f@cking awesome.

ETA. And clearly relevant to this website, IMO. Of course, it would also be relevant if other world leaders had publicly announced that they'd seen the movie.

ETA 2. Good move, politically, to name Captain America first.

ETA 3. I bet Joss is totally geeking out right now.

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Seeing Avengers is 'the cool thing' to do now. I was into Avengers before all the bandwagoners jumped on. I knew of Joss Whedon before he made a billion dollar grossing movie seen by the leader of the free world. /sarcastic hipster mode off.

This is so cool!!! Is there anyone who hasn't seen this movie yet?

"Is Whedonesque cheerleading for politicians now (Obama in this case)? "

obilow, I don't see where any cheerleading is in this post but the site certainly has done so in the past. Its no secret Joss is a unapologetic liberal.

High Stakes 2004

Joss takes pleasure(again, not naughty}

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I don't comment here that often, but this has my attention as someone who actually goes hang out at some actual political blogs.

To be fair, it's important to remember that there's also a strong contingent of right-leaning Whedon collaborators and fans, most prominently Tim Minear and at least as rightwing pundits as leftwingers seem to be fans of "Firefly" in particular.

If I remember correctly, policy here was to avoid avowedly political discussions. If you are a frequenter of political boards I think the reasons for this should be pretty obvious. However, simply noting that a person has seen the movie and likes or dislikes a given piece of entertainment isn't actually political in any real sense and seems very relevant.

I lean probably about as left as Joss does (and was an enthusiastic attendee of "High Stakes" though I rarely attend such events) but if tomorrow Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Angela Merkel, or Vladimir Putin has something to say about anything Whedony, I'll be very interested in it and certainly expect it to turn up here.
Thank you for the link, eddy, that must have been the first time Joss named his new obsession/love (of truffles).

And I'm sorry to say, Squishy, President Obama named The Hulk first (who wouldn't? Seriously!).
I'm pretty sure that in this case Whedonesque is cheerleading for Whedon. And I think that's allowed.
Awesome! For the record, I'm pretty sure any politician displaying knowledge of any Whedon work would get a big cheer here. For example, I bet everyone would have been STOKED if Dubbya had made a Firefly reference at any point during his presidency. In fact, let's go beyond that -- imagine if the debates required presidential candidates to be able to extemporaneously analyze Whedon! "Yes, my opponent makes good points about the role of family values in Buffy, but what he fails to point out is that Buffy envisions "family values" in many non-traditional ways..."

Now that's an America I could believe in...
Whedon is my president now. :P
I'm not American, but I know Obama is the freaking president of the USA, and I think the story is very cool.
Also correct me if I'm wrong, but Whedonesque is Caroline's baby, and is under no mandate to remain politically impartial.

Not speaking for her but if she, or any other admin or member decided to 'cheer' for Barack Obama, I've no doubt that would be "allowed".
@Mare That was hilarious.

@Willowy I once made a Hillary Clinton comment that I did not think was remotely political and it was deleted by the end of the day, so I think they are quite careful to keep political cheerleading off the board. And I am all for it.
Yes but lottalettcue, were you reporting that Hillary Clinton LOVED Buffy? Because if she named her cat Miss Kitty Fantastico then I'll bet they would have let that stay.
I honestly do not remember what I said about Hillary, but if I ever run for high office I now know how to sneak my political message on to Whedonesque :)

*stares convincingly into camera*
"I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and how she exemplifies the virtues of keynesian economics, universal healthcare and free bunnies for every repeat voter..."

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