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May 15 2012

QMx reveals Shepherd Book Collectible Maquette. Everyone's favourite preacher with a past gets the Little Damn Hero treatment: debuting this Comic-Con as an exclusive, and available to pre-order if you get on the waiting list.

That's not bad actually. The Wash one creeped me out and I wasn't too fond of the River and Kaylee ones but the Book maguette is very nice indeed.
I got the Wash one, simply just in memoriam *Sob*. Looking at it now, I can see what you mean...
Very cool, but I still have a burning desire for the Joss Whedon Director doll, wasn't Adam ever going to get that made? *sigh*
There's a quite amusing fairly new Doctor Horrible shirt that I don't beleive we've seen posted here before as well. Should the link be added to this post?
I thought the maquettes in the Serenity Little Damn Heroes Animated series were adorable, Kaylee's likeness in particular, and wished they'd completed all the characters in that line. Then again, I believe the Wash maquette is part of the animated line. Yikes. That freaky grin is the stuff of nightmares.
I preferred the Little Damn Heroes series, me.
The face is a bit off, and isn't the hair wrong in the back? But I love the (literal and figurative) two sides of the character.
Sweet. I like the kaylee and river ones most. Can't wait for Inara!

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