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May 15 2012

(SPOILER) Preview Pages for Angel & Faith # 10. The issue is out May 30th.

Can do worse than Chris Samnee as a fill-in artist... a whole lot worse. Preview looks good - one of my fav books on the stands right now.
(also hello - this is my first post)
They really should be saying "top me up"...

That aside, the aunts' youthfulness is intriguing. Nice art too.

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This seems to take place straight after the end of the last arc.

I like the art...looks like its going to be a fun issue.
Hmmm. Lots of questions. How are the Aunts so young? Will they somehow be involved in the plan to bring Giles back?
Sincerely hoping to see more Whistler at some point soon.
Seems great, especially for a stand alone issue. :D

I can't say enough how much I'm a fan of Christos' writing!
Looks like it's gonna be better than the previous stand-alone, #5.
So this explains the famous painting that was highlighted back in the first issue, of young Giles standing between two women...

I wonder if they're ghosts? Vampires? Witches? Do they each have a really ugly, decrepit painting of themselves in their attics?
This looks amazing. I bow to you, Christos.
Art looks very good, few lines of the dialog are enticing, and the whole deal with grand-aunts sounds very amusing. Lets hope this issue delivers all that it promises as a setup for between-dimensions trip.
Wow, colour me intrigued! Also, welcome Zlbenson!
Crossing my fingers for witches. Somehow Giles having witches in the branches of the family tree makes good sense to me.

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