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May 15 2012

Story about a five year old Avenger, meeting The Avengers. You may have seen a picture of a young boy wielding a Captain America toy shield on the shoulders of Loki aka Tom Hiddleston. Now the story behind that picture can be revealed.

I LOVE this story.
Has this been posted before?

It's a picture of a small child dressed as Mal, meeting Nathan Fillion.
Read it yesterday, heart officially warmed. :)
This is the cutest. I actually yelped a little bit at the part where a man said he needed Chris Evans for one more take. Jealous, have to admit.
Me tooo, Mitholas, me toooo.
Is it possible for me to love Tom Hiddleston more? Apparently.
There is nothing about this story that I do not love.

edit @Shannon, there is just something wrong about those pants on that little boy.

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What a sweet lovable story, it actually is wonderful to hear because I've read/heard all too many where the small child's heart was broken by hard hearted security or uncaring stars. I love that everyone involved recognized a true fan and made time for a small boy.
Totes adorbs!
awesome. best part: "Well, look at what you're wearing."
This makes me smile so much.
It appears to be raining on my face.
Love this! Love it so much I actually shared with my mundane friends and family on facebook. Many are actually parents who have had to shop for school supplies.

A parent on school supply day is a determined sort.
That is beyond fantastic
That is one lucky 5 year old :) I hope someone who knows someone who knows Hiddleston and Evans gets them the link to that story. I can just imagine they'd get in touch with Erin about signing those pics :)
I got teary eyed while reading this. Amazing story, something Edison will remember for the rest of his life.
What a great story! :D He must have been the happiest little boy on the planet that day.

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