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May 15 2012

Joss talks about parallels between The Avengers, Buffy, and Astonishing X-Men. The interview was conducted before the film's U.S. release and also touches on the possibility of Joss directing a sequel and his love for Firefly. "You know, I love all my raggedy children. But if I could be anywhere, I'd be on board Serenity."

"...But if I could be anywhere... I'd be on board Serenity."
Love the Buffy comparisons :)
@Willowy - that quote really brings the onions.

I honestly do not understand how anybody ever gets any work done on Joss shoots. Do they not have to keep hugging him the whole time?
Ah! Resounding YES to the both of you! At least, I would. Have to keep hugging him. The whole time.

I'd get fired.
"If I could be anywhere, I’d be on board Serenity.”

Golly. Are we still adding entries to the quote-o-bar up top?
Oh Joss, and his everlasting love for Firefly.
So I watch VH1 Popup Video last night. 10 years old. Fun fact #1 ship name in the world. Serenity. #4 wet dream. All Joss related, I swear.
If I could be anywhere... I'd be in the Magic Box.
Joss never really got over Firefly didnt he? Well no surprise, the way that went down. Sometimes I have the feeling he loves Firefly even way more than Buffy (but then why is he making Buffy Season 9 instead of Firefly Season 2 as comic book? Not that I mind, I love Firefly but Buffy will always remain the number 1 for me)

And I have to admit as a Marvel comics fan since the age of 9 I would rather want Joss to do more Avengers then doing more Firefly/Serenity.
Spike the Avenger, perhaps Joss Whedon is doing "Buffy" in comic form instead of "Serenity" because he is one hundred percent sure he isn't filming any more "Buffy," whereas "Serenity" ...
Also, perhaps he thinks Buffy is better-suited to comics for some reason?
But there are Serenity comics so the "Serenity isnt suited for comics" argument doesnt really hold up. Why not doing Buffy Season 9 and an ongoing Serenity book?

Though the real killer would be a Joss Whedon Avengers book where he can also use characters like Wolverine and Spider-Man....
Fun article, but NEEDS A SPOILER TAG.

It's only the second week of Avengers, and this article's title doesn't sound like it would have Avengers spoilers at all, but it definitely has at least two key items about Hulk and Iron Man.
Related to whether Joss will sign up to do The Avengers sequel:

What will Joss Whedon’s next project really be? It's the billion dollar question. It's a terribly exciting time to be a Joss Whedon fan, is all I can say.
Synphy - we've pretty much dropped the use of spoiler tags for The Avengers now.
I agree. Those who still havent seen the film should just stay away from the internet and go to the theaters already. I mean is there really a single person here who hasnt seen it?
I have not yet seen it... (though my reason is that I am recovering from a back injury and could not sit long enough to watch it in the theater)...
Nice article, dottikin. Though the following quote:
"Whedon's also made it clear that Firefly/Serenity is never coming back in any form that requires living, breathing actors, because the cast has all moved on."

I don't think the cast HAS moved on. They're busy and are all getting much deserved work, but watch Castle for half a season and then tell me Fillion has "moved on".

Of course, I'm just holding on to unreasonable hope. Firefly season 2 will never ever happen...but Serenity 2 might one day!
The Banner/Oz connections never occurred to me. I'm not sure I see it. I thought Banner was one of the best drawn, most engaging characters given the time allocated.

And it always hurts my feelings a little bit when Joss admits to preferring Firefly to Buffy. Irrational maybe, but there it is.
@Xane I'm right there with ya.
I do see the Oz/Banner connection and I really like it. Both are soft-spoken, taciturn, intelligent, and succumb to ragey personas once in a blue moon (ahem) while being fully aware and trying to get a handle on it.

One thing I like too was how Joss's/Ruffalo's Hulk seemed to learn as he went along. When he first showed up there was no doubt in my mind that he would've killed Black Widow without a second thought. By the end he was working side by side with her, following orders from Cap ("and Hulk? Smash!"), and saving Stark's life.

Even if he is 'always angry', what I took away from it is that Banner hasn't been working to submerge 'the other guy' as much as he's been learning to control him, to focus him. I hope they keep moving forward with that tack, and not regress him to blinding, flailing, raging, destructo-guy every time he appears. I like that this Banner is coming around to thinking of the other guy as his super-power.

Also, did anyone else think that his line "Well, this all looks really... horrible." Was a shout out to a certain Doctor?
@Willowy As far as Banner taking control over his anger, I think Tony will prove quite an ally. He gave him the advice to "strut" instead of "tiptoeing", and told Banner he might just enjoy letting the Hulk out. Plus, Banner can temper Tony's egomania a bit... so thrilled to see them driving off together. That's a superhero pair I'd love to see (but never will).

And the "horrible" reference... !!!!!!!!! I only just got that!
WhatsAStevedore, I agree that Stark can be a great help with that. Banner need not isolate so much now, and I think that can be a very, very cool direction for both characters to go. Stark actually caring about another person besides his immediate circle is growth I'd like to see. They just relate so well (good Gaia, I almost typed 'fellate' instead), don't they?
@Willowy....That's the greatest almost-Freudian-slip I've ever encountered.
What are the chances of Ruffalo being in IM3? How far along in production are they for that movie?
Maybe revisiting Serenity in comic form is still to painful to do it frequently. When he says the things that make it sound like he leans toward Firefly more than Buffy, I never really think it means that he likes it more, I feel like it just comes from a place of unfinished business and heartbreak and feeling like he had all these places for it to go that it didn't get to... < / theory>
For a long time Joss said that he was holding off on Serenity/Firefly comics because he still couldn't bear not being able to use that amazing cast.... Obviously since then he has had some stories that were insisting on being written, so we've had a few comics (which have been great IMO).

As far as loving Firefly more than Buffy, I think it is a matter of really getting to explore Buffy's world, her abilities, her pains, her friends, and after 7 years the topic had been pretty well covered. I think it is great that he is coming up with more stories to tell in comic book form, but I definitely understand his feeling like he never got to do that with Firefly/Serenity.

He had years worth of story arcs in his head for Firefly, and only the one movie to resolve a little bit of one of them. Naturally he still longs to tell the tales (and I long to hear them all!).

So yeah, I want to be onboard Serenity too.
Hehe, embers said what I was trying to say much better...

Also I love Buffy more than Firefly/Serenity, but given the choice, I would want more Firefly, or some Serenity sequels. I feel if Firefly hadn't gotten the treatment it did, if it had aired as it was supposed to and not gotten cancelled then it could have eventually surpassed Buffy in my rankings list.
agree - what embers said...
Um, hello unanticipated tears!
Yes, I agree with embers too. I don't think Joss loves Firefly/Serenity more than Buffy. At least, I hope not, because that would make me kinda sad.

I do recall him saying in a Buffy boxed set extras disk, that Buffy was the "most important" thing he'd done so far in his career, which I think at the time, included Firefly.

Not to suggest that he loves Buffy more, either. Maybe he thought Buffy was more "important" because it's a more fully explored idea.

I think he loves them both equally. Yes, I'm going with that.
I'm not sure the Oz/Banner parallel is productive - by that description, any character with a super-powered alter ego not entirely under their control would be a 'parallel', and there are quite a few. No one mentioned the kick-ass young female saving the world - again - with a weird-shaped axe thing, how did they miss that one? Or a male figure with a murky past who's recently undergone a redemption experience sacrificing himself to save the world, either.
That's lush, that final line in the interview! Very Shiny!
I dont think you can compare Oz to the Hulk either. Two very different personas and not to mention that this cheesy little dog-like thing Oz turned into wouldnt last 2 microseconds against the Hulk. The one thing it does have in common is that whole inner rage and animal thing but Wolverine has that too.

I think Banner was in full control of the Hulk in the whole movie. As he said that being always angry was his secret of always staying in control when Cap and Tony were wondering how he does that. I dont think he learned to control the Hulk throughout the movie. If you look at the end of Incredible Hulk when he opens his eyes, they flash green and he smiles its pretty obvious that at this point he already had control over the Hulk because he embraced the anger instead of getting rid of it.

The reason why he transformed on the Helicarrier is that Loki was messing around with everybody and manipulating minds and such with his powersource (could have been one of the infinity gems by the way) - Kevin Feige himself confirmed in a podcast interview that the reason Banner couldnt control himself on the Helicarrier was because of Lokis influence.

Too bad Joss couldnt use Wolverine. I would have loved to see what he does with him and Wolverine would have been so badass in that final battle. He is also one of the few who can actually take on the Hulk in direct combat and survive.
Spike I would agree other than the fact that he was on a wild rampage and wanted to fucking destroy Black Widow. I mean he really wanted her dead.


Yes please.
Eh don't mind me. I'm just coming to terms with the fact that there will be no more Buffy. Not with actors anyway. For the past bunch of years, I've always had hope, but I've come to realize that it's just not going to happen. I'm accepting it, but it's sad.
@Willowy well Hulk went after Widow because he saw her as a threat in that moment. Kind of like Doomsday who destroys everything around him to ensure his own survival (Doomsday vs Hulk would be so bloody epic). Also Banner (thanks to Loki) didnt transform willingly into Hulk which resulted in Hulk being out of control. Both in Incredible Hulk and Avengers when Banner turned into Hulk and had control of himself was when he willingly transformed. If he does it against his will then Hulk becomes out of control. Loki basically shut Banner off from his control over the Hulk on the Helicarrier.
@Willowy & Spike, also just before, when Natasha tries to warn him that Loki is trying to manipulate him, he suggests that she too is manipulating him, so he probably still has that thought trapped in his mind.
Spike, I like that. That when he transforms willingly he's more in control. I'm buying into that until we're told different. Thanks!

Xane, the moment you give in to that is the moment Joss announces a BtVS movie. Don't you give up. I never will. Do I want to see more Firefly? Sure! But I do think more Buffy is far more likely, just from a casting standpoint. And I do want to see older Scoobs. I think that would just be... neat.
yeah but James Marsters said that by now he wont play Spike anymore because he is just too old to pull the whole immortal thing off. He said it wouldnt work anymore today. And I think the actors of Buffy all moved on from it by now.

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