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May 16 2012

Take the survey - "How Whedonesque is The Avengers?". Watcher Junior wants to find out what you perceive to be the important values and forms of social support in The Avengers. More surveys for the rest of Joss' works are promised in the next months.

The second page is the exact same questions as the first? Or am I high?
No you're right. Or I'm receiving a Trans-Atlantic secondary hit.
You're not high, it's the same. I hit next and every question said "You've answered the question!". It won't go past page 2.
Oh, boy. I'll call David and see if he can fix that.

Sorry, guys!
I spent about a full minute staring at the "neat/tidy" question, like... How does that pertain to The Avengers? The Hulk demolished things, and we cheered.
It seems to be just page two that's doubling. We're on it. Thanks!
@WhatsAStevedore — It's just part of the question set for a Rokeach Value Survey. Personally, I think the answer is clearly "no way." ;)
Before the demolishing, everything was very tidy… Except Bruce. He was kinda rumpled.
The survey will be live again in about 15 minutes. Sorry for the SNAFU. :(
@QingTing Rumpled or RUFFLED?!?!?!
Okay, the survey has been fixed! If you've already completed a survey, thank you — your answers have been recorded. If you didn't get all the way through, you can retake it.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for letting us know there was an issue. :)
Filled in the survey, was fun :). Read the rest of the page and laughed at the 'Joss Whedon Just Can't Win with the New York Times' entry. That's just so true! :).
GVH, I thought that was funny too.
'Joss Whedon Just Can't Win with the New York Times' entry

Yeah, that was nice. It goes beyond the NYT, of course. I remember when the first Dollhouse reviews came out and they almost uniformly compared it unfavorably to Firefly which they, as uniformly, praised to the skies. And yet when Firefly debuted it did so to mostly negative reviews--getting compared unfavorably to Buffy.

I guess the good news for Joss is that whatever the reviews of "Much Ado" are like they're unlikely to harp on the failure of the film to live up to the promise of "The Avengers." (Although a "needs more Hulk" review could have its charms.)
What a wonderful thing to do for fandom. Such a timely study helps us take the temperature of our collective response to The Avengers, so to speak. I can't wait to read the results! Thank you, everyone at Watcher Junior!
@Yoink: I'm so sleepy that I went to a Much Ado About Hulk place in my head.
@Yoink: I'm so sleepy that I went to a Much Ado About Hulk place in my head.

"Thou wouldst not like me angry, Beatrice!"
I'm so sleepy that I went to a Much Ado About Hulk place in my head.

I went there fully rested, as in:

Don Pedro: In time the savage [Hulk] doth bear the yoke.
Benedick: Benedick not bear yoke - Benedick SMASH!

However, in the interest of keeping this thread germane to the topic, I will say that I have dutifully submitted my responses to the survey.
And Benedick...SMASH!

I love my fellow Whedonesquers!

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