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May 16 2012

The Avengers trailer - Lego remake! Youtube user "teradew" has made a stop-motion Lego version of the Avengers trailer.

Wow. That was great!

Makes me wonder what could have been if Lego didn't put the kibosh on the Firefly/Serenity sets.
Thor's hair! Wow!
Loki's hair...wat.

ETA: I kinda wanna see Lego Nick Fury vs Lego Mace Windu. With lines sampled from the movies.

[ edited by GreatMuppetyOdin on 2012-05-16 21:40 ]
Loved that the explosions were cotton balls! Sweet!
That was great! Also, where does one get a lego Hulk? :)
Well done!
Heh - a bit too steep a price that, but thanks for the link anyway, alexreager :)
That's amazing!
Shouldn't this link have a "spoilers" tag? I mean, the fact that Loki turns all the Avengers--and New York City--into Legos is one of the dramatic turns in the film that critics and fans have done a great job of keeping mum about.

Although, after all, it should have been predictable. "Lego" is just an anagram of "Loge"--the German form of the god's name.
Thatīs fantastic! :D I so very much need a Lego Iron Man. :D
I could see myself laughing regularly and repeatedly at Lego Thor. That eyebrow ridge is just so perfect...

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Gosh, I think my Lego Harry potter Christmas display needs a Hulk.
Went to get a Lego Iron Man today but they are not available yet. A very nice sales lady snuck a not-for-sale Hulk figure in my bag, though. Heīs residing on my tv now. :)

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