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May 17 2012

Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain's "The Selection" remains in contention for pick-up. The CW highly favour the fantasy series, and it's expected to be redeveloped for next season if it doesn't make the midseason schedule.

I loved this script. Fully expected it to be on my TV this fall. I hope they figure out a way to make it work.
Whew, relieved to see it still has a chance. Right up there with Last Resort and Revolution as the three new shows I was looking forward to most.
I still need to finish this one. Stoked for Last Resort. I knew nothing about Revolution until the other day; now I call it Super-Jericho.
I really found this script disappointing. It felt like ABC's The Bachelor trying to be The Hunger Games. Underdeveloped characters, ridiculous concepts (the lead character's name is America Singer...), and the conflicts were generally pretty trite. I hope if they do pick it up, they rewrite and take The Vampire Diaries route where the use the source material as inspiration rather than a road map.
There is a mention about Sarah Michelle Gellar's cancelled series Ringer near the bottom of the article. It looks like The CW would like to continue working with SMG in some capacity either as an actor or as a producer. The Ringer cast seemed very enthusiastic about SMG's skills as a co-executive producer. They credit SMG with running a very efficient six day an episode shooting schedule and keeping a civilized 12 hour workday. According to an interview with one of Ringer's writers, Jay Faeber, the Ringer writing room ran very much like the BtVS writing room with all writers breaking the story ideas and then having one writer write the episode. The writer would then supervised their own story in the production phase to allow for on location script changes. I wonder if Ringer will lead to a promotion for SMG into the ranks of full time show runner and executive producer.
Anne, do you have any links to that info?
marvelknight616, it looks like that's exactly what the CW wants done, according to that article. It appears they really liked the concept, but a faithful first attempt didn't go over well.

I'll admit, I didn't know anything about it except from the logline. America Singer... man, I just don't know what to say.
Knew I read that interview before, just found it. CBR interviewed him. I don't really get why it's relevant though.
There's an article on TvLine where I guess the CW Prez said: “The Selection is going to go back into redevelopment; we’re very high on it.”
To Irrationalitv and Jaymii: It is slightly OT, that is why it is not an actual topic on its own. The article does mention the network's desire to continue to hire SMG as a producer. I just found it interesting that SMG is starting to expand her career horizons into the field of executive producing and that the network is encouraging her to do so.

The set-up of the writers room is probably more of a choice made by Pam Veasay (EP), Nicole Snyder and Eric Carmelo (creators and co-EP). I just found it interesting to note how similarly the writing duties were defined as compared to my understanding of the duties of the BtVS writers. The interview that I found for Jay Faeber was from

Several interviews with Nestor Carbonell, Ioan Gruffudd and Kris Polaha mentioned how much they liked having both SMG as a co-executive producer and the writer on the set which allowed a scene to be re-written or re-blocked in the event that something did not work out during filming. (Sorry, will look for interview).

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