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May 17 2012

The Editing Room's abridged script for The Avengers. The script goes up on their website tomorrow. Today it is featured on, titled "If 'Avengers' was 10 times shorter and 100 times more honest".

The Editing Room has also covered Cabin In The Woods and Serenity.

Meh... Wasn't too bad, funny in some places. The comments though... wow, people really need to not take these seriously. If all of us on here took this seriously, there'd be the violence and the chaos.

Just eliminate the thoughts that most of the "flaws" they point out can be easily Josstified and made sense of, and you can appreciate this to some extent. To me it sounded like it was written by fans anyway, so they knew what they were doing.
I just go back to what Joss said about the film... it IS flawed, like its heroes, but the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.
I'm read some hilarious shorthand scripts before. This is not one of them.
This just makes me want the actual script.
JOSS WHEDON IS ONE OF US got a good laugh out .of me.
Poor Edward Norton lol.

that was the funniest part.
"Oh my God. The foreign scientist will do tech bullshit to the cube and destroy everything!"

This one made me laugh because, after all the times I've heard Joss talk about exposition on commentaries and in interviews, the stuff he had to make Tony or Aly say on "Buffy", probably Fran Kranz on "Dollhouse", etc, and just the general burden of needing it to have internal logic and some attempt at consistency, I saw this and imagined him sighing and thinking "dude, I wish I could have just given her that line".

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