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May 17 2012

Buffy Summer Rewatch. Starting Memorial Day Weekend, watch the first three seasons of Buffy and discuss it live using the Twitter hashtag #buffyrewatch.

I think I'm gonna have to co-participate, because when Buffy was airing, they didn't even have Twitter. FUN MARATHON ADVENTURE.

If the apocalypse comes... Tweet me.
Oh yea! I will be watching! I need people to fangirl out with.
Omg, I am ALL about this! Hell yeah! :D
Gurk. I always work weekends.

WhatsAStevedore, marry me. :D
I'd can watch buffy again, again, again and again!!!!
Buffy ♥♥♥♥♥
After the first night (next Friday), live viewings are on Monday nights, Willowy. Can't think of a better way to end a Monday, myself.
@Willowy, you're proposing to me 'cause we're gonna die! And you think it's romantic and sexy and you KNOW you're not gonna have to go through with it 'cause the world's gonna end!

[ edited by WhatsAStevedore on 2012-05-17 21:49 ]
"Buffy Summer"... I see what you did there.
I am because its not. I aim to live a long and silly life, and I'm not interested in doing that without you by my side.

Vague That Up, that's perfect!
Once a week? I'll probably end up watching the end of season two and all of season three in one weekend. And then move onto season four with similar momentum.
I haven't watched Buffy in years. I might try and get a rewatch done sometime this year.
Sounds great! I am almost always in the process of rewatching Buffy. I've gone through it 3 times since it went off the air. About time for #4.

I'm sure I'll see some fellow Whedony folk on Twitter.
summer in the hellmouth count me in!
But the later seasons are my favorite...
I have watched the first three seasons of this series probably 20 times and I could easily watch it another 20. It just never gets old or diminishes in brilliance. Best thing that you will ever watch on television.
Why only the first three seasons and not the whole series?

Anyway I cant participate in this time since I am already doing a big Smallville DVD rewatch and I am right in the middle of that (season 5). But maybe afterwards :)
"But the later seasons are my favorite..."

Same here I'm afraid.
I think it's justified. They can do the later years next summer perhaps. There just isn't enough time.
I watch the later seasons virtually non-stop. I can't even count. But almost never watch any early stuff. Maybe I will.

"If the apocolypse comes, tweet me" Well done. :)
Alas, already in the middle of a rewatch/introducing it to my bffroomie. (Complete with As-Aired ordering with Angel)
Season 3 is my favorite. Then 2. Then 5 then 6 then 7 then 1. The comics I don't rate.
3 has to be the best overall season. 2 and 5 carry some of the best episodes, plus VERY emotionally resonating arcs, so those tie for second place. 4 and 6 were very hit and miss, with a generally uneven tone, yet they contained some of the best episodes of the series. Did not particularly like 7 or 1, and I feel the same about Angel... the first and last seasons don't do it for me, and the middle ones are the strongest.
I do love the first season of Angel, mainly because there are so many Buffy crossovers, and 5x5 and Sanctuary where Wes and Cordelia (not to mention Faith, of course) really shine. I still refuse to watch that ridiculous Pylea season. Sorry Fred.

Looks like our lists are similar, WhatsAStevedore. :)
My favorite Buffy Season is 7. I love the characters as adults and Buffy as a leader, Faith is in it as a hero this time, Caleb is one of the most awesome villains ever and the most important part is Spike with a soul (I love evil Spike but I love him more as heroic badass Spike and his whole redemption-story is just so beautiful. Angel on the other hand I definitely prefer as Angelus. Regular Angel on Buffy was boring. On Angel he became a much cooler character. Still prefer Angelus though) and finally he and Buffy share a real lovestory not just a sex-story. Touched and Chosen might be my most favorite episodes ever in that regard. And nothing beats Buffy mowing down turok han with the scythe.

After S7 my favorites would be Season 5 and 6. S5 had a great overall story, immense emotional impact and some of the best Spike/Buffy stuff ever. S6 was very dark (which I love),as a movie,comics and Star Wars geek I just LOVE the trio and Dark Willow was one of the best things in the entire series (as X-Men comics fan I just love the Dark Phoenix-stuff)

Then would come Season 2 because of the awesome Spike and Angelus stuff, also one of the most emotional seasons. Then Season 3 (Spike was sadly not a big part of it but the whole Mayor/Faith and Buffy vs Faith stuff was awesome), followed by Season 4 (Loved the Spike/Buffy stuff but apart from that it was considerably weaker than the other seasons) and last but not least Season 1 which ofc cant compare to the other seasons because it was just starting out and trying to find its feet. Also way too much monster of the week stuff. Loved the Master though.

As of ANGEL:

Season 5 is by FAR the best. Its right up there for me with Buffy Season 5-7. Spike/Angel, Illyria and the fabulous return of Lindsey make this beyond awesome. This season had some of the best episodes in Television. And James and David together - how can you NOT love this?

After that I would say Season 2 because of the awesome Darla/Dru/Angel stuff. Its always a blast to see the old gang reunited. After Darla left the season however lost a lot of steam. Season 3 and 4 had the same problems. Season 3 rocked until Connor came back as teenager. Then it went downhill. Season 4 was on its way to become one of the best Buffyverse seasons of all time with the Beast and Faith/Angelus stuff but as soon as Jasmine showed up the season was practically ruined IMO. So IŽd say Season 3 and 4 are both on the same level. starting out good, becoming awesome and then in the last couple of episodes going downhill.

Season 1 was good but not as good as Season 2-4 during their best phase.

Of course I do admit that my opinion is heavily influenced by my love for Spike. My most favorite fictional character of all time.
You must REALLY love Loki, then. He's the Spike.
what? no, Loki is nothing like Spike IMO. You just wanna draw that connection because Joss did Avengers. But Loki is a very very different character from Spike. Loki doesnt really have his kind of humor or his badass-ness. Also unlike Spike, Loki doesnt work as a redeemed character in my opinion. Loki doesnt have a punkrock attitude at all. I dont see how you can compare him to Spike.

And Loki also most certainly is a trickster, a schemer, a planner whereas Spike is someone who just throws himself into battle, who is in it for the fun of it. I dont really see Loki listening to the Ramones either hahaha. But most of all Loki in truth is a coward while Spike is quite the opposite. Spike also never ran around and wanted to rule anything. Saying Loki is Marvels Spike is an enormous stretch. Nobody would even make that comparison if Joss wouldnt have done Avengers. Then again probably most people here wouldnt give a damn about Avengers or Marvel or Loki if Joss had never been involved....

if you want to look for a character like Spike in the Marvel universe, I would say Wolverine. Quentin Quire is also remarkably like Spike including leatherjacket and punkrock hairdo. Or of course the mutant Dazzler. She is female but she is a rocker-girl and a total rebel.

Loki on the other hand is much more like the Mayor Wilkins. Yep I think Wilkins is a lot like Loki. But Spike and Loki are as different as Hulk and Xander.

Oh and although Loki is a cool character I think he is too overrated at the moment. There are better villains then him. Thanos for instance owns Loki. Tom Hiddleston is great in the role but to me he isnt that huge mega-highlight of the Thor-series now. I always liked Thor better than him.
Wow I so disagree with everything you said there.

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