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May 17 2012

It's Avengered Development. There's tons of fan-made photosets/artwork inspired by The Avengers out there, this particular one is a joy. And if you haven't already seen it, Avengers on Parade is as just as wonderful.

If you've seen any other art out there that you like, please do post the link in the comments section. We've been reblogging some of the fan art over at Whedonesqued.

I love both of these so much.
I love all of these, thank you for adding 'Night Hawk', electricspacegirl, Hopper would be proud.
Noelle Stevenson has been posting a series of Avengers drawings on her Tumblr for almost three months now: Ginger Haze Tumblr. They're just delightfully funny.

ETA: One of my favorites can be found here: Bitches.

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Agent Coulson's gettin' lots of internet luv. These links are all from Clark Gregg's twitter page:

Carly Keller ‏@djeterg19
I finished my Agent Coulson llama today. I hope @clarkgregg approves.

Clark Gregg ‏@clarkgregg
Swear?RT @pharaoh_doll:My desk's well protected. (If @clarkgregg doesn't have a chibi Coulson, i'll send him my extra)

One of my faves. RT @MsDevinDanielle: Haha this is hysterical - I'm sure you'll appreciate this @clarkgregg :)
Go home, Coulson

Awesome. RT @MiskatonicRich: Photo: Agent Coulson as the Vision

RT @Alicewat95: @clarkgregg start the trend of everyone wearing this! Agent badge

I do.RT @JC_WaitWat: @clarkgregg I thought you'd appreciate this #Coulson4Ever Boss!

Young Phil. With thanks to the real katie west

Fantastic. RT @SonofCoulHD: RT @Brittaneex: Hipster Agent Coulson fan.

MAJOR SPOILER -but really great. RT @ItsWhoIAm: Photoset: #AVENGERSSPOILER Itís amazing! Who drew it???... Cap

This is good.

RT @mattkaufenberg: nxt in the series, ths time What Agent Coulson does on his day off

Never gets old. RT @Esperacchius: @clarkgregg heh. Avengerous Vocabulary

RT @verygooster: @clarkgregg

Cute meets badass RT @AgentMariaHill: @clarkgregg mini Coulson showing his love for Cap. @twhiddleston mini Coulson showing his love for Cap

@clarkgregg @CobieSmulders It doesn't seem right that you don't get Lego figures so...

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Ginger Haze Tumblr

Those are wonderful.
I agree that Ginger Haze's work is completely wonderful.
My bad. Noelle's Avengers drawings go back more than 8 months. I guess I have some catching up to do.
What I like above all by the way is to design a long mettrage, a TV series is that Joss Whedon will never sacrifice the character relative to history. ®
For Joss, the characters are the driving force of history, and he gives everything to make them at any interresting point.Mais as it is this very special way of playing with multiple rebounding, played in the situation comedy and rebondire on sequence offset for better now surprise us.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer was a bit like the perfect exemple.Un laboratory experimenter that he could be in terms of storytelling.
The Avengers is a nice window, made ​​in The Avengers is flaggrante demonstrate its sense of narrative.
These are all so much fun, and the Hopper painting makes an amazing wallpaper for my computer!
There's some fantastic stuff around and linked here - I particularly like the Night Hawks painting/Manip.

It's great to have new whedonverse inspiration - I'm itching to get started on some portraits myself too - Loki to start I think.
oooooo I wish I could draw.

I also just wish I could spend all day everyday looking at all these wonderful things...

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