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May 18 2012

'The Cabin in the Woods' to be screened at NZ International Film Festival. It looks like it will be screened at various places around New Zealand.

New Zealander here, and I'm glad that this has been confirmed. Previously, it looked like the movie wouldn't be released here at all.

I'm still in two minds about seeing CitW, because I'm not generally a fan of horror movies - I've read that it's really quite gory and disturbing. On the other hand, it's co-written by Joss, it has several actors I like, and I've managed to stay almost totally unspoiled so far.

But at least now I'll get to make that decision sometime soon, instead of avoiding spoilers for however long it took to come out on DVD!
Go see it now!! It's gory yes but not too distrubing( it's darkness really is pyschological, not in on screen violence or scares) and its really brilliant fun. Fran Kranz is pretty much the man in this film. My favourite film of the year so far.
I have to say, it's remarkable how well everyone did on keeping a lid over the spoilers. CitW is definitely a film you want to go into with as little knowledge about it as possible.
First comment (finally, eight long years to get a membership ;)

Just saw it. You're in for a treat. Fran Kranz kills in this movie.

But if you can't stand blood... Go anyway.

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