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May 18 2012

The Washington University Pops Orchestra plays a Dr. Horrible medley! A little bit rough in places, but still very nifty and definitely worth checking out.

OMG I LOVE IT. I wonder if there is somewhere you can buy this version. Thanks for sharing. :)
Interesting arrangement - particularly loved the usage of brass for Captain Hammer, since it underscores how he gets the traditionally heroic tunes. But did I miss it, or was there no nod in there to Slipping, which I think is one of the most interesting tunes? (Where 'interesting' means more potential to orchestrate compared to something like Laundry Day.)
They needed a little more rehearsal to do justice to the music that I love, but I'm happy to hear them trying.
@skittledog Slipping is definitely in there, starting around 3:07.
I wonder if Joss has seen this. So awesome.
What a great idea! Yeah, it's pretty patchy in execution, but still very cool.
Ha, neat! I was surprised by how many of these things there actually are on YouTube. Oh, and check out their I Am the Doctor one, that's pretty cool too.
This is the sort of thing that makes me wish I had continued to play the violin.
Love the arrangement and the effort - just wish they'd practiced it a little more before making the recording. Am so happy to hear the Dr. H music though. Thanks, WU!
Ah okay, thanks ftloosenfanzfree - I was listening on quiet speakers with distractions around, so obviously just missed it.

(And I've had A Man's Gotta Do stuck in my head all day now, so they obviously did something right...)

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