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May 18 2012

Details about The Avengers Blu-ray/DVD. Alternate opening! Alternate ending! Joss Whedon commentary! And more!

Interesting. It sounds like there might have been an idea to have the film framed by Maria Hill.
Yes I am intrigued by that. Does it all sound like 30 minutes worth of cut scenes as Joss talked about earlier this month? Or will there be more on the inevitable Ultimate Edition.
Black Widow gets shortchanged on the covers, but I guess I get the marketing logic.
I suspect I'll be getting the 4-disc combo pack. Not that I have a 3DTV, but who knows, those things might get really cheap at some point.
Are they trying to get people without blu-ray players to stop buying movies, by the way? Two extras, really? And that cover?

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Is anybody else disappointed that there's no musical commentary?
As I expected the cut 30-minutes or so would a separate extra, instead of incorporated into the movie for an Alternative cut.
Can't wait for the audio commentary. It's always the best extra when Joss is talking. The one for "Serenity" is maybe the best I've ever listened to.
Numfar, not just as you expected, but as Joss said it would be. ;)
No Hulk commentary no sale. JK, I can't wait for this.
Oh, I'm sure there's some singing in there somewhere...
I kind of called the Maria Hill framing device when one of the trailers included her saying something along the lines of, "I don't know how they put all of those people together and didn't expect what happened." Plus Bendis has been writing Avengers comics with that kind of framing for the last few years.
Cannot wait! So glad we're getting a Joss commentary on this. Also, it says "AVENGERS 4-Disc BD Combo Pack, 2-Disc BD Combo Pack and 2-Disc DVD Combo Pack Special Features: ", so it sounds like the lack of special features is only on a 1 disc dvd set, but that a 2-disc dvd set will have them. Unless I misunderstand things. I have a blu-ray player, but I also hate how studios artificially limit features to one version that could easily have been on both.

I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for this rumored 10-disc all-Marvel-movies edition, though, since I don't currently own any of them anyway. That would be real shiny!
Yes! A new Joss-commentary! Won't this be the longest one he's done so far? And now I'm kind of sad that we didn't get the 3 hour cut, just because it would have given him so much more time to talk.

Now I'm really intrigued by the Maria Hill framing device. Hopefully she'll appear in more films and get more prominent roles in them.

I'm relieved that there will be a 2-disc DVD set. Although they definitely could have fit a lot of that extra stuff on one disc anyway. (Yes, I'm still bitter about the absent commentary on the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD.)
I hope there's also Joss commentary with the deleted scenes. That 10 disk set of all the movies sounds great.
I'm totally drooling. Can't wait XD. Any commentary by Joss is gold and I like the Maria Hill framing device idea.

or, you know, not.
Interesting about the interrogation framing device. Sorry for Cobie if that means her big scenes got cut -- she did feel like the only character who was a tad underused.

Also, Joss solo commentary! Those are my favorite.

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Sounds great! I have already pre-ordered the bluray a week ago. In Germany the release date is listed as September 13th, but then we got the movie in theaters almost a whole week earlier than the USA, maybe itīs the same with the bluray. I sincerely hope that the German bluray will include the shawarma scene, though. We didnīt have that one in the theatre.
What a wonderful birthday gift! I love Joss commentaries as much as the next person, but am I the only one who thinks that they're sometimes better when he has someone commentating with him? Some of the best insights come from the back and forth.
I the only one who thinks that they're sometimes better when he has someone commentating with him

I always prefer him solo. He works out in advance exactly what he wants to say and times it out perfectly with the action on the screen. I wish everyone doing a commentary track would listen to Joss's and try to emulate him. I find most of the multi-person commentary tracks (Joss or no) waste too much time in banter or awkward pauses or laughing at private jokes to be worth a second listen (Commentary: The Musical being an obvious exception). All of Joss's solo commentaries I have listened to multiple times. It would be fair to say that the version of "Objects in Space" with his commentary track is one of my top-10 Whedon episodes in its own right.

Most commentary tracks leave me pretty cold, I have to say. So often it's clear that the person doing the commentary hasn't watched or thought about the episode they're commenting on since they worked on it and instead of actually providing a commentary they just react: "Oh, yeah, this is that scene where Buffy needed to find that thing..." I don't need to be told the damn plot, thank you very much; I've already WATCHED the episode or I wouldn't be watching the damned commentary, would I? Grumble grumble.

But oh, over two hours of Joss thinking hard about storytelling and the film making process? I'm so there!
On the contrary, azture, I much prefer Joss giving commentary alone: he always digs deep for his actual emotional connections to the work when he is alone (his best all time commentaries are for The Body, Objects in Space, and Restless, in my opinion... obviously). When he is with someone he often defers to them and they start rambling about something superficial or boring (again JMPO).
The obvious answer is to have one of each type of commentary ;op

And one with just cast so we can hear them say more nice things about Joss :oD

GAG REEL! I'M EXCITED ABOUT THE GAG REEL!!!! Especially with how well it sounded like they got along... Should be hillarious.
September 25th eh? Can't believe there's already a release date... I thought it would be later too... so much awesome!!!! Getting the 3D just in case I ever get the TV for it!
I dont have a blu ray player (Call me old fashioned but I just love the good ol DVD medium and wont be switching to BD until no movies are released on DVD anymore) and seriously hope that we will get a 2 disc version here in Germany. While there was a 2 disc DVd set for Iron Man 1 and 2 and Incredible Hulk, there was only a 1 disc DVD for Thor and Cap with only the audiocommentaries and one featurette on it. And with Paramount distributing the film here in germany I fear that all we are gonna get is a 1 disc version with audiocommentary and one featurette :( I really hope I am wrong but it looks that way...

audiocommentary by Joss is always awesome. I was really hoping for that especially since all the other MCU films had directors commentary as well. cant wait to hear Joss unleashing his inner Avengers geek ;)

And there is another Marvel one shot film! Why is nobody excited about that? Its another new piece for the MCU!

Also very excited about the deleted scenes (hope they are on the DVD as well) but I wouldnt want them to be in the movie. The movie has a good length and needs to have the right pace. 30 minutes of more footage would be interesting but ultimately would make the film drag too much. I am sick of all those directors cuts and extended versions on DVD/BD. If I go to the theatre I wanna see the COMPLETE film. The directors cut should be the theatrical cut. Thank god Joss is one of the rare directors who thinks so too.
Item 47 sounds intriguing, I wonder if it was shot by Joss. And I'm sure I read about an opera scene about Thor getting cut from the movie.
Maybe the "Even I don't know what it does." gun is Item 47.
Hmm. Is that what was going on in Stuttgart?
Could be. Was the musuem the revised scene I wonder or a follow on from the opera?
I was just so stoked that Avengers had a scene in Stuttgart. I was like "holy crap, Loki and Cap are here in germany!" Didnt expect that at all. So awesome. And what a great idea to have Cap come to germany and face another new dictator. I loved this.
I'm getting this for the commentary track only... Heck, give me Joss commentary and I'd buy anything...
so without the commentary you wouldnt buy it despite the great film and awesome extras? You gotta be kidding....
I don't think Thor has any deleted scenes... not any that Chris Hemsworth remembered in an interview with Collider anyway. Maria Hill stuff is nice though. I assumed there would be stuff because of how much depth Cobie and Sam Jackson had for the character. They talk about her arc. I just don't think we see a lot of it.
@Djungelurban yea I'd actually buy a lot more movies if Joss did the commentaries :D

I'm kinda hoping he'd do podcast commentaries for all episodes of his (future) shows like Ron Moore did with Battlestar Galactica (which ALSO had regular commentaries on the DVDs on top of that!)

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I don't think there's a 2-DVD set in the works. Just a single DVD release with the commentary and featurettes -- all the other extras are exclusive to the Blu-ray combo packs.

I'm getting the Blu-ray/DVD combo set, so I won't have to double-dip.
... It says: AVENGERS 4-Disc BD Combo Pack, 2-Disc BD Combo Pack and 2-Disc DVD Combo Pack Special Features: Which ends in 2-disc DVD...
I'm going to be seriously annoyed if the 2D DVD (non-BlueRay) doesn't have the deleted scenes AND the commentary (the two things I really really want). It annoys me when the studios start to package these things to force fans to buy more than they want or need. Particularly when you consider that Joss is unlikely to get a penny from these DVD sales (it is my understanding that that all goes to studios and producers).

But before I freak out I'll wait until September and see what we actually get.
Iīll be even more pissed if there is a 2 disc DVD version only in the US and here in germany we just get the stupid 1 disc version like with Thor and Cap. I might actually hulk out and attack Paramount headquarters if that happens
@ embers and Spike the Avenger:

There's only going to be a single-disc DVD release out in the U.S. (some stores may have an exclusive 2-disc release). The 2-disc set people are talking about is the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack.

And before you guys fret, the DVD will have the commentary and featurettes. Sadly, the gag reel is BD-exclusive. :-(
Actually I find gag reels (and out takes/goof ups) to be tiresome. I just want the commentary and deleted scenes, and the movie of course.
Sadly, the gag reel is BD-exclusive.
In other words, I'll be watching the YouTube bootleg.
I love joss commentaries
It would be so cool if he'd do like podcast commentaries of his favourite movies.
I'm definitely getting the bluray. I just got one cause I got the bluray s1 of game of thrones for my birthday and I had to get something to play it in. I know it's coming out it's september but I kinda need it now. I'll just have to go and watch the film a few thousand more times.
dammit joss I'm trying to save money!

the cover kinda sucks though. I like the dvd cover better. cleaner,you know?

Also,poor black widow, she's ignored a lot in avengers merchandise.not cool.
It is wrong to believe that no profit from DVD/BD sales goes to profit participants.
yeah I know what the specs of the 1 disc DVD are. just the commentary one ONE of the featurettes. No gag reel, no deleted scenes, no Marvel one shot (You tube is my friend^^) and no featurette about the visuals on the 1 disc DVD.

I have to say in that regard the Twilight and Harry Potter DVD Releases are better. They (at least here in germany) had 2 disc DVD releases with almost all of the BD extras (The Twilight releases even have all the extras from the BD I think). And Marvel did it like that with Iron Man 1, 2 and Incredible Hulk as well. And now they have to jump on the whole "forcing everyone to buy BD if they wanna have all the extras" bandwagon.

But I will not let any studio force me to switch to BD against my will.
I'm really behind on the terms here, but what is a Blue-ray/DVD combo pack and why would they have it instead of a '2-Disc DVD Combo Pack' like they seem to mention on the website? I'm not questioning the fact, I'm just not familiar with these kind of information releases.

Keeping the deleted footage off the DVD would be ridiculous.
the BD/DVD combo pack contains the BD and DVD versions. And the deleted scenes will definitely be missing on the DVD version. The DVD version will only have the commentary and one featurette (They did the same on the Thor and Cap DVD releases)
But here in germany they actually dont release these combo packs. here you usually get the DVD version, the BD version (mostly 2 discs) and the 3D BD version (if the movie was in 3D in theaters). That combo pack stuff is apparently something they do in the US a lot but its usually not done here in germany. Sometimes (especially with older films that are re-released on BD) we have something called mediabook which has the movie on DVD and BD in one steelbook. But new films are almost never released as mediabook buts eperate DVD and BD versions (Though the DVD usually only has like 20 % of the BD extras)
@Spike the Avenger: Consider buying them from Amazon. Cap and Thor were both released as Triple Play (BD + DVD + "digital copy") as well as BD-3D + BD + DVD + "digital copy" combo packs in Europe.

Avengers will probably be the same, although I'm not sure about what will change with Disney distributing (if nothing else, they're likely to pointlessly make the Blu-rays region coded as usual).

Most of Europe tends to get the exact same Blu-ray disc anyway (with German audio included, 20-30 different subtitles etc.) - so the BD disc in the combo packs will be the same as the one in the single releases. The DVD may only include English audio and subtitles, though. But it seems there were German versions of Cap and Thor, e.g.:

Captain America

If you can do without German audio on the DVD (again, it'll likely still be included on the Blu-ray), the UK shop has plenty of different combo packs.
I watch films only in english anyway (I want to hear the actual actors not some dubbed voice) but like I said I dont watch BD, only DVD. So those combo packs do nothing for me. I just want a DVD that has all the relevant extras like commentary, all featurettes, the one shot and the deleted scenes.

I doubt thats gonna happen though. Paramount is the distributor in europe, just like with Thor and Cap and we know how that turned out for the DVD releases....
I'm posting this again, because no one but me seems to think that there is a 2-disc DVD set mentioned in this article (can't say anything for outside the US):

AVENGERS 4-Disc BD Combo Pack, 2-Disc BD Combo Pack and 2-Disc DVD Combo Pack Special Features:

List form:
4 Disc BD Combo Pack
2 DIsc BD Combo Pack
2 Disc DVD Combo Pack
if its a 2 disc version of only one medium then its not a combo pack. Its only a combo pack if it has DVD and BD together.
Might be that they've decided to label DVD-only + "digital copy" and BD-only + "digital copy" "Combo Pack"s. Although, yeah, it may be hard to see the reason for 2 discs, except a 140 minute film should ideally take up at least one disc completely - with little room for anything else. But if you're on 2 discs anyway, you might as well stuff the extras from the BD edition on there too.

@Spike the Avenger - ah, right. Didn't quite understand the point of the post I replied to. But as far as I recall, there's been no difference in content between US and European versions of any of the previous Marvel releases - DVD or Blu-ray. Except for Iron Man 2 on DVD, where the German limited release actually had more content than any other - including the US one. Of course, on DVD it's a good deal easier to watch an American disc in Europe anyway.

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