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May 19 2012

Warren Ellis reveals his and Joss' writing plan for Wastelanders. As told today at Kapow! in London.

When the hopefully-inevitable Wastelanders Visual Companion is released, I kind of hope they at least provide sample scene scripts, showing original draft and then how the other one re-wrote it.
Warren told us that he was bigger than Joss and had a longer reach.

I don't think I understand what he means here. Does he mean thematically? That Ellis' storylines are likely to 'go further'?
He means physically. He could punch Joss without Joss being able to punch him.
There was a related link underneath that story with a great CBS piece on Joss, which I've never seen before and don't know if it was posted here. Has it? If not, here's the link. It has some great scenes from Much Ado, as well as an interview from before Avengers became the megamonstermoviethatatetheworld it is now.
bakla, yes that was posted here.
So. Much. Jossness. Can't. Keep. Up!
Haaaa that was so obvious. I did think of that but assumed that couldn't have been what he meant for some reason.
insistondoubt, Warren Ellis is known for a bit of a twisted sense of humor. :)

I would also be curious on how they re-write each others drafts as Warren generally has a very different tone to his writing compared to Joss.
"Gun Machine" sounds like it might be worth picking up, too.
This project is so intriguing in a no-clue-what-it's-about way. So bleak-sounding. Like the clean-up after the end of days.
'Gun Machine' is up for pre-order, at least at Amazon, with a January 1st release date.
Agree with KoC and Risch that 'Gun Machine' sounds intriguing. It stretches the phrase, "We've gotta get these two together," to the point where it ziiiiinnngs back and hit someone in the mouf, but Wastelanders sounds like a perfect combination of the guy who likes to write about guns and the guy who likes to write an accompanying lyric.


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