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May 20 2012

The Avengers to make $56.5 million this weekend. For the third week in a row, The Avengers is holding the top spot on the box office - beating off new releases such as Battleship, The Dictator and What to Expect When You're Expecting.

...So can anyone explain the difference to me how it is "currently the #6 film of all time globally... and the #9 film of all time internationally (not adjusted for higher ticket prices, premium 3D sales, or inflation)"? Do they mean that it's 6th when you do take into account those other factors-- which really makes even less sense since inflation would probably bump other films way up?
Globally = domestic + foreign gross
International = just foreign gross
I find it interesting that it's also only the #10 domestically. So basically, it's doing a better job of appealing to both domestic and international audiences than many films do (thus being higher on the global list than either of the sub-divisions).

Probably doesn't mean anything at all, but I think it's cool.

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I think it's just shifted release dates. I can't really follow all the money quotes but it looks like becoming the third grossingest film ever, not adjusting for inflation. Is that right?
Based on that article, with $1,142.6m in the bank, Avengers would be fourth in the unadjusted all-time list, behind Avatar, Titanic and the last Harry Potter film. Harry Potter 7b made $1,328.1m.
It seems like the big change this weekend was Hunger Games leaving a lot of theaters/screens and dropping to 7th place. Avengers is still in more theaters than any other movie, which makes it a lot easier to maintain it's number one position (although having Battleship and Dictator be dumb movies helps a lot I'm sure). I'm sorry to see Cabin in the Woods disappear so quickly, I hope it comes out on DVD soon!
Avengers will probably be losing some screens next weekend and won't be # 1 next weekend due to Men In Black 3 coming out.

I think there is a good shot it will be # 2 though.
I think Avengers will definitely surpass Return of the King and maybe even Dark of the Moon by next sunday (worldwide gross, domestic gross isnt of interest to me since I dont live in the US).

Then the question remains if it can surpass Deathly Hallows Part 2. Thats gonna be a tough one cause it has 1.3 billion. Can Avengers gross another 250 million worldwide ? I hope it can, it would be awesome if the Avengers actually could beat Harry Potter.

Of course it wont even come close to Titanic (2 billion) and Avatar (2.7 billion) so 3rd place is the best we can hope for.
Oh, it will certainly still be #2, it's not like "Battleship" is going to have a better hold.
I'm still just stunned and delighted to be able to say a Joss Whedon film held the top spot at the box office for the third week in a row!! The glory has been years in the making, but it still has felt to me like an overnight 'splosion into household name status for the man we call Joss. Still processing. To quote Neo, ".....whoa."
The movie did very well this week because the competition wasn't that impressive. Starting next Friday, it'll change with Men in Black 3, and Snow White and the Huntsman the week after that. The Avengers still has a chance to hit 500 million by the end of the month or early June. In any case, this has been one very good run.

Oh, and to embers, The Cabin in the Woods will be on DVD for sure, and my guess is maybe October. Still, earning 57 million dollars worldwide ain't bad.

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The Avengers 3rd weekend is almost higher than citw's entire gross.1

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What's the record for a film's 3rd weekend?
Word of mouth is really strong. I know quite a few people who normally aren't interested in this "type of movie" who went because their friends (including me) loved it and highly recommended it.
I can't work out how well Men In Black will perform. I have a feeling it'll come third though. 1) Snow White, 2) Avengers, 3) MiB. I think it'll be in the Top 10 all summer though.
Third weekend gross champ is Avatar at $68.4m, followed by Spider-Man at $45m per Box Office Mojo, so it looks like Avengers will take over the #2 spot after this weekend.
It has not opened in Japan yet. How much this could add: 50, 70 millions? Anyway, I believe it should eventually overtake Harry Potter for the 3rd worldwide place.
Jaymil, next weekend it's just MiB 3 opening in wide release but it's a holiday weekend which will give all wide releases a boost. Snow White and the Huntsman opens the following weekend June 1st. Just a guess, but there doesn't seem much buzz about MiB 3. Nonetheless, a huge advertising campaign will probably give it a shot at #1 or #2 for Memorial Day weekend.

OTOH, Snow White might bring in the Twilight fans (for Kristen Stewart) AND Avengers fans (for Chris Hemsworth). It could be a bigger challenger than MiB 3.

Lince, Avatar opened to nearly $6.9m in Japan but its total gross came to $186.7m! Avengers could do very well there. Japan top box office

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Men in black 3 and snow white are going to end up the same way the dictator and battleship did... And while I understand how Harry potter did so well I genuinely think Avengers is a better movie than that and definitely better than avatar
Thanks a lot, punkipuss, for the info. I suspected my estimates of the possible Japan box office of the Avengers could be on the low side :)

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Yey for Joss and all the ones who stand to benefit from this. And poor Taylor Kitsch.
I'm starting to have serious doubts about "Snow White', the fact that they have not allowed ANY reviewers to preview it sounds to me like it is horrible and they don't want to discourage people from going to see it on the opening weekend by having actual negative reviews to deal with. That is usually the case when movies are not previewed. In which case it could open big and then disappear from the theaters soon afterwards. Personally I'll be skipping it.

Men in Black III has been previewed to some audiences, but not given out to major reviewers yet, so I'm guessing it is less than brilliant as well. Just another big budget movie without a good writer providing a story. However I will go see that one just to enjoy watching Josh Brolin play Tommy Lee Jones. LOL

I hope Avengers can hold onto a lot of theaters because I think it could still have a couple more big weekends (I hope so).
Ah, thanks punkinpuss. My bad.
buffyfest, "Avatar" holds the record for third weekend -- $68M as opposed to $55M for "The Avengers." At any rate, "The Avengers" will cross the $500M mark by next weekend, if the mild drops extend throughout the week.
#61 top grossing movies of all time adjusted for inflation! In your face "The Sixth Sense" (#62)
Well they said they started filming Men in Black 3 when there wasn't even a script, so I have my doubts about its quality
whoa Avengers is already the 4th biggest film worldwide ! I thought it would surpass Dark of the Moon NEXT sunday, not today lol. This is unbelievable. Now I have almost no doubts anymore that Potter will be obliterated in two weeks. I know coming close to Titanic will be impossible but I wonder how far Avengers will go in the end.
"beating off" the competition... heh-heh... heh-heh. Ok, sorry. No one else said it, so I felt obligated. That will be all.
symbiotics, Iron Man didn't either, so it depends.
Hulk has smashed the Transformers this weekend :D
The latest global cume is 1180.4M. So, it looks like HP7.2 is well within reach.

@punkinpuss, I wouldn't count on a huge gross from Japan. Other than Spider-Man, superhero movies don't seem to perform particularly well there: TDK -14M, IM2 - 12M.

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Well, I've done my part, saw it for the 4th time today. More importantly, my wife, who normally HATES anything remotely considered science fiction, came along and loved the movie so much she wants to see it again! Another Joss convert!
"From a cult hit cancelled, causing pain and misery, to the biggest box office opening in history." "Like A Joss."

Just a little tribute rap I did in honor of our fearless leader.
I am going to have to hear a lot of good buzz about Snow White before I go see it, not a fan of Kristen Stewart's one look for every emotion. Saw Avengers again and still worth every penny.
Even if I start hearing that Snow White isn't any good, I still want to see it in the theaters, because some of the visuals look absolutely stunning.

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