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May 20 2012

First Look: The Avengers Action Figures. They're looking absolutely lifelike. Article also contains links on how to win some.

Wow! That's the way you make action figures. They look so real. But why no Black Widow action figure? :(
I know, I've never been tempted to get an action figure before now -- I was looking for Black Widow too. They are darned expensive though. :)
Those are impressive!
How BIG are they!???

I'm tempted to sign up, but...I'm afraid shipping would be atrocious.

I wonder why they gave Black Widow rooted hair, but sculpted the hair on the guys? I love the interchangeable hands (and heads!) but wonder if they're as posable as the pictures suggest. For 200 bucks, they'd damn well better have a bajillion points of articulation!
Man, those are life-like! Have they ever made a Buffy doll?
@electricspacegirl, they've made Black Widow twice already so they are probably waiting awhile before making her in the Avengers uniform (which is slightly different than the one worn in Iron Man 2).

@Jonnathan, Hot Toys has never made Buffy, but Sideshow has made Buffy a few times in the same scale. But they were not as detailed - they were $40, not $140.
@ShadowQuest - if you click through the link to the giveaway, you can find the collectibles for pre-order (shop now button right hand side). I just looked at the Captain America figure. It's 12" height with 30 points of articulation, and lots of other specs stated. The photos where they pose the figure look amazing.
It looks like the action figure Avengers need see a bit of the brighter side of life. Cap's expression reminds me of a pitbull.
They really are fantastic looking. The Captain America one doesn't quite capture the personality I don't think, but still, very life-like. And poor Loki with his silly silly horny helmet. :)

The only figure I've seen look as good is the most recent Sideshow Spike statue.

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Wow, those are really impressive!
Thanks will.bueche!
There's a preview photo of the Black Widow figure on their Facebook page:
Sigh. Gratuitous action-figure butt shot.

lifeglider Thanks! It looks like the clothes on these fit a lot better than those on the Sideshow "Buffy" figures.

I might sign up just for the heck of it; I'm sure I could find the shipping money once a month. It's not like I have to eat all the time.

Oh dear. I'm already picturing a face-off between Loki and one of my Fighting Stallions....
Entered the contest, but I will probably never spend that much money on a figure of that size, no matter how well made they are.

They do look incredible though. The expressions are so expressive, I can see how Loki wants to murder me.
What, no Joss Whedon figure?
Mindwipe ... Now thats brillaint thinking!! .. It could be an exclusive ... Imagine all want-to-be writers with a Joss figure on their desks .. and on the base it could have inscribed W.W.J.D.? ( What Would Joss Do? ), so when-ever we need inspiration ..or more likely, writers block.. ;)
Just imagine the stop motion possible, if they're versatile enough...

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