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May 21 2012

Nathan Fillion talks about Serenity, Firefly, Much Ado About Nothing and Joss. Serenity closed out the third annual Hero Complex Film Festival, and Nathan Fillion was on hand to discuss the film and other subjects, including who is the best Shakespearean actor in Much Ado About Nothing.

Anyone here go to it?
Okay, that comment about Alexis... I can't WAIT to see Much Ado.
"And finally On Joss Whedon’s current success: “It’s very vindicating… We all know the man is a genius but now… EVERYONE knows.” "
I've been saying this for years, and finally everyone will understand what I've been talking about!
WhatsAStevedore, my sentiments exactly.
I completely agree, WhatsAStevedore!
I am incredibly excited for this movie. Especially now that I know Alexis is bringing it (not that he doesn't always).
I have two favourite writers: Joss and Shakespeare. To have Joss and Shakespeare bandied about in the same sentence makes me giddy. I can't wait. I just hope I don't explode with excitement when I watch it.
After all those years of thinking "Gee, wouldn't it be fun to be at one of Joss' Shakespeare brunches?" we actually get to share in that. That's crazy sweet! I'm so looking forward to Much Ado, esp. Alexis!
Joss + Shakespeare = me dying.

Love Joss. Love Shakespeare. Love the cast.

I think I'm gonna love this movie.
That's kinda sweet - Joss refusing to replace Nathan and working around his Castle commitments. Makes you realize though what kind of schedule the poor guy has. What other projects could be possible really..
Annnd.. my first post here ))
And I am very happy that there seems to be no doubt that "Much Ado About Nothing" will get a diestributor, so we can actually see it!
Hi Simon, I attended it and Nathan was simply brilliant, as always. Love how he and Joss support one another so loyally. I'm thrilled they continue to work together. Even though there are not yet any known plans to do so, I believe with all my heart that Joss will find a way to put Nathan back on Serenity as her Captain.
I am so excited for Much Ado About Nothing. It's the only Whedon project my mother has ever wanted to watch :)
I really want to see Much Ado. I hope it comes here.
Welcome, lurkolog!

Not a surprise that Alexis get's the Best At Shakespeare Award. Think Wesley in Angel Season 3 onward. It will be good to see him in a substantial role again.
I'm another fan of Shakespeare, and knowing the Shakespearean breadth of a lot of Joss's work (and some similar themes - Benedick and Beatrice = Mal and Inara, anyone?) I can't wait either! Just hoping it gets a proper distribution.

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