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May 22 2012

WhedonFest 2012 - this August in Kentucky. "Not another convention but a weekend retreat - a gathering of likeminded individuals to discuss and celebrate the creative works of Joss Whedon."

I'm moving to Lexington in August. I won't be able to make it to WhedonFest (I fly on the 4th) but if anybody attending lives in Lexington then it would be cool to meet you since I will know nobody.

Does this count as on topic? Yes? I'm going with yes.
The state in which I was born? The month in which I was born?

Shame I don't live in KY anymore and don't have a penny to my name.
I'm interested, but poor. I'm looking forward to details.
Thanks for posting this Simon. The rules against making a post for your own event or website are very tempting to break...but if you googled WhedonFest you very likely would find the info you seek, embers.
or maybe just click the post name above.
I might actually go to this. I live in Louisville (about 2 1/2 hours north of Scottsville). This would be my first ever Whedon-type event, and it has the potential to be super awesome. : )
Jjsquid - for future reference, self-posting in comments is fine
I'm a New Yorker who long ago abandoned automobiles for both idealistic reasons and sheer frustration at other drivers, paying car insurance and upkeep. Plus you know, city living. Easy to get around in the city sans car.

With that said strongly considering picking up a weekend pass and taking a greyhound down. Never been to Kentucky.
Jjsquid, I did go to WhedonFest, but I didn't find it all that forth coming with the details. Is $100 for the weekend covering all the housing food & event costs? Are you sleeping in cabins w/separate bedrooms and shared baths, or in bunk house style cabins with out houses? I just can't quite picture it, and I am a long ways away so I'm just not sure. I'll try to find somewhere at the site to ask my many questions. Thanks.
Food and board are included in the cost, but we are talking about summer camp facilities, so you share the bunkroom with about 20 other people, (so about 10 more than your average convention hotel room)and the bathrooms have separate showers, and toilet stalls but it is a group bathroom. There are some things that have separate costs, like an extra $20 to participate in the paintball re-enactment of Serenity valley, and the paint your own parasol event last year required an extra $10 for the parasols. You also want to have separate funds for the raffles and auction. we have a Slayer scythe up for auction this year!

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