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May 22 2012

Smell like an Avenger with your favorite superheroes' cologne. Jads International has released a series of colognes based on the Avengers--Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, and Nick Fury--as well as one for their enemy, Loki.

Coming soon: Spiderman and Deadpool (???).

Alrighty then...
The Black Widow one is new since we last saw this back in January.
Who'd want to be Hulk-scented?
The descriptions, and videos, are amusing. Who wants to wear a "doesn't play well with others" scent?
Hey! Where's Hawkeye's scent? He's the only one left out.
Where is 'Coulson: the Fragrance'?
Based on alien technology,
you never know how you'll smell until you try it.
I guess there wasn't enough time to develop an Eau de Shawarma.

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Are these the way they smell before, or after, trashing NYC?
@Nebula lets hope it was before

although I cant imagine any of these heroes smelling very good. Iron Man probably just smells like engine grease, that suit had ALOT of moving parts, and I cant imagine Hulk smelling like anything but BO. "Patriot" just makes me think of corn dogs, apple pie, and fireworks....
Well I'll be stocking up on Infinity Formula.

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