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May 22 2012

24 Sexiest TV Scenes: Your Picks! Buffy and Spike are #16.

That really should be a lower number. Top 5 at least, but my number 1!
I don't think they are #16 because the slideshow doesn't appear to be in any particular order.
That was the first episode I saw of Buffy, and boy did I get hooked on it fast.
It's weird. I always liked the chemistry between Spike and Buffy, but I honestly didn't find any of their kissing scenes or sex scenes to be all that enticing. Honestly, the sexiest Buffy/Spike scene for me would be the first time he ever sees her, at the Bronze, and he watches her dance from the shadows. Other than that scene, I prefer all the times when they connected in deeper emotional ways, and not the crazy sexcapades.
That was an awfully good scene, johanna. I always like to say that even if Joss hadn't thought of it yet, Marsters and Gellar basically made sure the sexual tension came through from the start. After that scene, in some ways Joss never had a choice...

Their sex scenes are too desperate. The second kiss (in the Bronze) was okay. But the best scenes were absolutely at Xander & Anya's wedding ("That's because the dress is radioactive") and near the very end, with the non-sexual best-night-of-his-life cuddling.
ok i know i am the only one here who thinks this but ugh i hate that episode
hallow - please use proper punctuation and capitalisation. It would make your posts a lot easier to read.
I've played that scene over and over again. The sound of the zipper, the little hitch up the wall just after that - and the look on Spike's face. Boy oh boy is it hot! Excuse me - I'll be in my bunk...
Yes the very loud sound of that zipper going down, even though If I remember correctly Spike was sporting a button down fly. *g*
spikesdeb- Everything you said, especially that look on Spike's face... I can watch this scene every day but then I get all spaced out in fantasy-land kinda like I am now (off to my own bunk) ;)
Angel biting and drinking Buffy in "Graduation" will always be the sexiest, and most erotic scene in BtVS for me.
That last scene in Smashed first shocked the heck out of me, I never saw it coming.

Then it was just HOT! The music, the expressions, the build up, I still can't believe they got away with the sound of that zipper.
Yes It's Spike's expression when he's lying under her that gets me every time. It's came across to me as a mixture of adoration and utter shock/bliss.

I have to say JM sold that whole set up for me. Wonderful. :D
I concur with Johanna about that first scene in "School Hard". They really set up the sexual tension FAST with those two. Spike running his hand over his weapon, saying it makes him feel all manly...COME ON. The scene with the two of them in the Bronze in season 6, up in the balcony watching Xander/Willow/Anya dancing... that was equal parts sexy and horrifying. Buffy's sexual tension with Angel was intense because it was all love and passion and abstinence and suppressed lust bubbling up to the surface. With Riley, the sexual tension (if you could call it that) was just physical desire. It was a lot more playful and fun, and Buffy opening the door to having lots and lots of sex for the first time. With Spike, the sexual tension was way more psychological and twisted. They went through an interesting evolution.
i must apologize for my typing skill .that said ive awalys hated spike with a passion and this episode to me is just spike using buffy's emotional turmoil to get what he wants ,also i've got to agree with lovelyangel that secene really was hot
We're not really about the hate either.
I love that scene!

I watched it completely spoiled - I was reading all the episode recaps online to follow the story - but I was awed by the passion of the scene.
Now I realize how long it's been since Buffy - cause I wore out my tape.

What's tape, the kids ask...

I wonder if we were watching the same scene, hallow. Looked to me like Buffy was taking exactly what she wanted.

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I agree Redeem147. Part of what makes that scene so fantastic is that it is BUFFY, who clearly initiates the sex. Love it.

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