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May 22 2012

Amy Acker, an interview. Amy talks about her role in several Whedonverse shows and shares some personal tidbits in this short interview with

A world of Thank You for posting this! Amy Acker is one of the most under-appreciated actresses of our time; love her!
She played my favorite blue-haired character too.
I adore Amy Acker -- and how she portrayed Fred in her last episode broke my heart in a way no other character's death has done. Amy's really good (I didn't like Illyria because of what she did to Fred but Amy rocked too, when she played that blue-haired character, as well as other characters she played) and I agree with you, Jonnathan, that she is one of the most under-appreciated actresses of our time. I think it's about time she played lead in something, like in Much Ado. :)
Now this was an awesome article and all - and once again, Amy is stupendous in just how wonderful and savvy she is! - but I am kinda disappointed there was no mention of her role in the season finale of Person of Interest!

I mean, she got to break out her sexy but crazy shoes again that have gone unworn since Alias and Dollhouse and I can't imagine Jonathan Nolan & co. are gonna dump what could be a big arc for Amy by having things resolved by the first episode of the next season...I smell Big Bad time!

Why have I seen this interview before?
Jaymii, I've read it as well - somewhere.

Totally! I didn't even know that she was in the PoI finale until I watched it (did I miss a post about that here or did that get lost here?) She totally rocked and after the episode I said to myself "THAT'S what you hire Amy for!" as opposed to one-off characters.

I'm still so sad that Dollhouse had to miss out on a lot of Amy as Dr. Saunders because she was locked up in Happy Town (which, let's face it, made no good use of her and wasn't that great to begin with).
Yeah, was quite tickled when the identity of root was revealed.

And yes - the whole thing indeed fell through the cracks in these here parts...

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I hadn't seen this interview before, and I'm very glad I got to; I love hearing any tidbits about 'Much Ado About Nothing'.
And I know I'm being a macho chauvinist wiseguy here, but I can't get over (seeing her in OUaT & Grimm) how much more attractive she looks now than in the "Angelhouse" years.
I remember seeing a post a while back saying she was going to be in the finale...
Yeah, there was a thread about Amy's appearance and the link led to an article about it with a clip (Amy and Sexy Jesus getting rerouted from the roof helipad and Amy's character trying to psycho-analyze Sexy Jesus).

However, I was lamenting more the article linked to THIS thread not covering her role, especially since she's apparently in a role with reoccurrence probability like her Kelly Lynch role on Alias ;D
Yeah, really wish it was mentioned in the article, but I was more making that comment for those saying that it didn't seem to get mentioned around here... though... it did.

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