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May 23 2012

The full Marvel cinematic universe timeline. It's the official version which can be found in the "The Art of Marvel's The Avengers". There are fanmade efforts out there as well.

Anyone who has the The Art of the Avengers book and can tell if this concept art is in it?

Because I want to buy the posters, but it would probably be much much cheaper and space saving if I could cut the images out of the book and frame those instead.


I just read a review, and yup, it's there. A bit small, but I think I can find something frameworthy in it. Lots of beautiful art.

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It's also a fold-out, which is quite cool. I like the book a lot.
Seems like the part of the timeline between Fury's big week and Avengers Assemble should be spread out a little more? Did they get tired of making the timeline and then just threw everything else in there?

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