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May 23 2012

Serenity voted seventh best sci-fi film of all time. The poll was conducted for SFX Magazine's latest special "The Top 100 Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Movies Of All Time".

Hey, i voted for Serenity in this poll :)

No surprise in the top ten.
Any list that doesn't have Forbidden Planet in the top ten is thereby discredited.
Any list that doesn't have Forbidden Planet in the top ten is thereby discredited.

Most people post-Baby Boom have never seen it. I would put it at Number 10. I just don't think The Dark Knight was as great as so many people make it out to be. A great movie is one you want to watch over and over again. I saw TDK once, and that was more than enough for me.

Was this poll taken before The Avengers came out?
@ filops

Classics don't do well in online polls usually.

Forbidden Planet is one of my favorite, for sure.
This list has no credibility. No horror movies at all in the top ten (except arguably Alien)? No classics in the top ten? The only movie predating the 80s is Star Wars? Nonsense.
In addition to Forbidden Planet, I would add The Day The Earth Stood Still. And I agree that online polls are not usually the place to find classic movies well represented. With the possible exception of Greatest Movies of All Time (regardless of genre).
Some people do watch The Dark Knight over and over again though... I saw it 6 times in theaters and a few times since on DVD...
Serenity was an excellent movie. I feel like people never gave it enough credit because it was from that "Buffy guy".

I wonder if the mass appeal of The Avengers will make it "cool" or "okay" to like Serenity for people who previously dismissed it as typical or cheesey SciFi fare. Will it now receive more weight and consideration because of Joss's newfound gravitas? I frakin' hope so.
Right about the original Day, the one with Michael Rennie (not the sleepwalk with Keanu Reeves).

Anyone who hasn't seen Forbidden Planet and likes sci-fi should see it. It is as if some future film-maker went back to 1956, used everything they had available to make a terrific movie, then returned to the future. It stands out virtually alone for the next two decades.
I agree about Forbidden Planet and the original Day the Earth Stood Still. To me, the top two are Serenity and Blade Runner but the order is to close to call.
I always kinda figured the name threw people off of Serenity, unless you were a fan of the show and knew what the name meant, it doesn't sound like a very exciting movie.
I think several of the top ten should be replaced by obvious omissions, such as The Exorcist, Night of the Living Dead, Planet of the Apes, Psycho, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers (original), King Kong, Frankenstein, 2001: A Space Oddysey, Dracula, Metropolis.
Wow, a Joss Whedon production does well in online polling! Stop the presses! (This would be far more significant if they polled, say, directors/actors/producers/writers of movies and TV and books in those genres.)

And who decided that TDK was a scifi/horror/fantasy movie? It's action/drama. For what it's worth, I watched TDK in the theaters two or three times, and I've watched it at home several times since.

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filops - Right there with you on the Forbidden Planet love. I saw it on tv as a kid and remember it still (of course, I also bought the dvd when it came out). Wasn't it based on The Tempest? As you say - it was a long time before anyone did anything that good again.
I think it's very strange that the poll conflates SF, Horror, and Fantasy. While some films (notably Alien, which is both SF and horror) are in more than one of these genres, it makes more sense if separate polls are held for each of the 3 genres.

If we're mentioning SF films that were left out, I'd nominate Quatermass And The Pit which is a brilliant British SF film from the 60s.

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I think this is great news for Serenity, which has been so underrated, but I, too, thought TDK was perhaps in the wrong list, and I must add my votes for The Day the Earth Stood Still (original) and Forbidden Planet.
There's really no love for Lifeforce these days. Greatest scifi movie of the 80s.
Simon, I don't say this lightly... Lifeforce ranks as the single worst sci-fi movie I have ever endured without the benefit of MST 3K commentary.

But some people juggle geese...
There's really no love for Lifeforce these days. Greatest scifi movie of the 80s.
Simon | May 24, 14:10 CET

Well, I can't disagree that the awesome power of Patrick Stewart definitely added something to the mix. Dunno what exactly, but something's added! Maybe it was Ms. Mathilda May...

Space shuttle. Harry from Spooks as the lead. Vampires in space. Zombies on earth. Patrick Stewart performing the most OTT scenes in his career. Anyone of those points would be a winner. Combined together, best thing ever.

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