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May 23 2012

Robin Sachs (Ethan Rayne) voice work praised in New York Times. Sunday Book Review essay about favorite voice actors - "Sachs shines darkly in his reading of the Norwegian crime novelist Jo Nesbo's smart and gritty Harry Hole books."

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His incantations on BtVS were wonderfully evocative. Really would like to see him in meatier roles.
Very underrated actor imo. I loved his portrayal of Ethan Rayne in Buffy. He always has such presence.

Such a shame they didn't manage to bring him back into Buffy one final time before the end.
'Shines darkly' - what a wonderful description. That man has liquid honey where his tonsils should be.

@sueworld2003, have you seen the comic book season 8? (Not going to say anything else cos of spoilers if you haven't, except it was memorable...)
NesbÝ's books are fantastic, and I can easily imagine Sachs as Harry Hole's voice.
Yes I've read season 8 and will always dislike what they did to his character, but then canon or not I find it fairly easy to ignore what went on in the comics in favor for the (imo) the vastly superior TV show.

Ethan still rules. :D

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