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May 23 2012

Get Hammered with The Avengers. Artist Lily Mitchell conceived a set of cocktails based on The Avengers. The God of Thunder is "guaranteed to get you hammered" and the Agent Coulson "looks ordinary but will have you on the floor in about 10 seconds..." More cocktails here.

Blech! It's obvious that this artist doesn't drink. I mean I get what she's doing, but no one, should try these, with the possible exceptions of the Black Widow, and maybe the Tony Stark, which looks to me like a modified "Blood and Sand".

Really, do yourself a favor and steer clear.
That Washington Post Page is stuck so I changed the link to the original source.
The Warren Theatre in Moore, OK has a drink called 'The Tony Stark' and it is amazing! I forget what all was in it, but I think it involved amaretto and sour mix and a few other things. They used to have one called 'The Incredible Hulk' as well, but it wasn't very good and I think it might have gotten scrapped from the cocktail menu.
I was actually thinking the Black Widow aka Hot Russian sounded pretty good.

The entire premise of the "God of Thunder" reminded me of the best line in "Thor", from a drunk Stellan Skarsgard --
Znachki, I was all set to disagree with you and then I clicked the link. Yes, Blech seems to be the right response.

Except the Tony Stark looks interesting and....the Agent Coulson. Surprisingly, it sounds a bit like a twist on long island iced tea (with all the clear liquors). However, its kind of strange to add one part triple sec and one part Cointreau, since they are the same thing.
Go to the main page and scroll down a bit. There is a Moriar-Tea mug that is awesome and i want it now.
alexreager, Yeah, Stark cocktail is not to my taste, but is really close to the Blood Sand. It replaces the Cherry Herring & Vermouth with Drambuie & grenadine. Probably too sweet. Same with Coulson unfortunately. Leave out the Triple sec, and replace the "clear lemonade" (which is that the UK lemonade, which would be 7-up, or the US lemonade, which would be lemon juice, sugar & water?) with dry vermouth, or an aperitif wine like Lillet or Cocchi Americano and maybe it would be OK.

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there was a small Russian bar I went to when I was in Japan that had a Hulk shot, all I remmeber was that it was very minty
, its kind of strange to add one part triple sec and one part Cointreau, since they are the same thing.

They're both orange liqueurs, yes, but they are most definitely not "the same thing."
I'll stick with iced tea, then. If I didn't have to worry about spending the money to buy the drinks and make them, I might taste test...but then there's that pesky 'drinking age'.
Znachki - these are definitely designed for appearance rather than taste.
Yoink, as an avid fan of the Sidecar cocktail, I have to agree. A sidecar with Cointreau is velvety, silky, amazing. With "triple sec" its just so-so. My point was not that they are identical, rather, they are the same type of booze. Jim Beam is nowhere near as good as Makers Mark but they are both bourbon...just as Cointreau is a higher quality brand of Triple Sec.

As a side note, I've never heard of a mixed drink that calls for multiple brands (or classes) of the same booze before. Have you?? I have to assume they are out there somewhere but the real question is why would someone do that? I'm off to research.
My point was not that they are identical, rather, they are the same type of booze.

You know what, I did some googling and I'm wrong. Cointreau is, in fact, a type of triple sec. It's just that if you see "triple sec" on a menu somewhere you know it won't be Cointreau--it'll be some inferior off-brand stuff. So you were right the first time; it doesn't really make sense to have "Cointreau" and "triple sec" because that's like saying "Bourbon" and "Maker's Mark." Although it's conceivable that you might blend Cointreau with a blander triple-sec. In my experience most off-brand triple-secs are less intense and somewhat sweeter than Cointreau, which uses a lot of bitter-orange peel. So I guess if you wanted an orange liqueur that was more intense than your average "triple sec" but less so than Cointreau you might go for "triple sec and Cointreau." Or, you know, you could just go for Grand Marnier.

Anyway, sorry to have corrected you incorrectly.
There was a sign at the Starbucks near work today - 'The Avengers like frappacinno with their shwarma'. :) There was a different flavour for each (Hulk's had green tea.)
Yoink, if you've got some Cointreau and Cognac at home, all you need is a lemon (and maybe some sugar)-- try a Sidecar, you'll enjoy it!

Here's a recipe from Ina Garten, enjoy!

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