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May 23 2012

Buffy Megabundle now available. For the low price of 29.99 you can get digital copies of Classic Buffy Issues #1-30.

From what I can tell, it's actually every issue of classic DH Buffy, with each of the 30 issues comprising complete storylines, etc.
Yeah, I don't think anyone is in the habit of printing 44 page comic books. So it sounds like they're bundling all the tpb's. Good deal!
The Buffy Classic books are up to 45 actually, and I don't know how many more are left, but it's still a great deal. (these always seem happen shortly after I pay full price for them)

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So it's everything from the omnibuses?


Just bought it either way.

A couple of more deals like these and I won't feel it was such a dumb idea to buy that tablet(okay, it still was, but this eases the pain).

Now I'm waiting for the Season 8 megabundle.

[ edited by Skytteflickan88 on 2012-05-24 06:24 ]
The new S8/S9 comics are priced at about 16.6 cents per page, so no matter how you slice it, 2.1 cents per page is a STEAL!!! ($30/1371 pages = $0.021/page)

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