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May 23 2012

Buffy Season 8 Library Edition Hardcover Volume 1 out this week. It collects issues 1 to 10 and looks huge (click here for a look).

Note that the Dark Horse site says it's out next week but it's out in comic book stores at the moment. The likes of should be shipping it within the next two weeks.

Picked it up today because the singles and TPB's just weren't enough.
What are the extras like?
There's a three page one-shot written by Joss and drawn by Jo Chen. Sure wish she could do a whole issue!

There's also a section of preliminary, page and cover sketches by Georges Jeanty.
Yeah, I'd like to know more about the extras as well. The design is really cool (even the spine is very, very dope)but unless Joss Whedon provides any "commentary" (or at the very least an introduction) I'll probably postpone any purchase until my TPBs are worn out. (Btw first post,yay, and hi guys :))
That doesn't really seem that impressive. Was hoping for a little more than that.
I'll be satisfied as long as it contains all of the content that appeared in the paperbacks, all of the alternate covers, internet exclusive short stories, the "Harmony" ads, the TPB covers, etc.

Though I wouldn't turn my nose up at any new goodies!
thought i could save some cash and miss out on this sinc ei have all the trades, but theres a new mini story?? NEED! Also love the fact the title is incorporated into the image on the front cover, nice textless cover. (except the bottom.) :P
Plan to get this, eventually.
Does the book really contain a brand new three page story by Joss and Jo Chen? Or is it just "Always Darkest" (which happens to be exactly three pages long as well)?
The TFAW link says it collects: "Buffy: Season Eight #1-10, material from My Space Dark Horse Presents #24." So yeah, it's Always Darkest.
Guys, I have a question - would you recommend this edition for someone who hasn't started reading the comics yet, and doesn't know where to begin? I wanted to read the comics for ages, but they became more and more, and I'm kind of afraid to google stuff because I don't want to get spoiled on what happens in season 8 and 9. So would this be a good starting point, or is there a different collection/edition that you would recommend?
It depends if you can wait a while to read it all. Picking up this hardcover is about price as picking up two paperbacks (which it collects). So basically your choice is if you want all of the paperback (arcs) of season 8 now, or more happy to wait and get hardcover editions as they get released. There will be four of these in total, while there are eight paperbacks. These seem to be more collector-y, but both are good.
Oh snap, but yeah, guess DH would have tagged this release with "FEATURING A BRAAAAND NEW JOSSSS 'THE AAAAVENGERS' WHEEEEEDON-story" if it really did contain a brand new story by Whedon and Chen. (But damn, it would had been awesome if they had in fact produced a short story - maybe a prologue that began the exact moment "Chosen" ended and maybe had the scoobies talk more in depth about what they were gonna do? Would be a perfect intro to S8)@Illy, I'd go with this HC library edition :)more durable than the trades and sporting a wicked design
@Illy Id say you couldn't get a better starting point into the Buffy comics official continuation than this. (IF you dont mind waiting (as Jaymii stated) for more hardcover volumes).

but id also recommend you pick up these other "canon" graphic novels at some point, Fray: Future Slayer and Buffy: Tales (Tales of various vampires and slayers through out history). These are great companions to Seasons 8 and 9.

If your interested in Angel too, id say pick up the After the Fall collection, Spike: After the Fall (Canonincal continuations of the Angel TV series taking place before the events of Buffy Season 8 and 9) and Spike the 8 issue mini series. (Ties the IDW series into Darkhorse's Buffy series).

There are more Angel IDW coninuation comics that you can read, but the Spike and After the Fall comics are the only Officially Canon comics in the IDW series.

Any way hope that helped alittle bit, and didnt just make you more confused. :S

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Thank you!! Yes, that's the problem, there are so many comics out there, and I have no idea which ones are Officially Canon (in which I'm most interested). This definitely helps! I feel so out of the loop on these lovely shows :'(
same here im mainly interested in the show continuation comics too, or cool "canon" collections like the Tales of the Vampires and Slayers, exploring other interesting aspects of the Buffyverse.

But Buffy Season 8 and the Angel After the Fall arc are great places to start!
The sketches, can they be found in Jeanty's first two sketch books? Don't want to buy the book and discover I already own the extras.
I think everyone missed one key feature to the hardcover. It's oversized! It's bigger than the trade; it's like reading the comic in HD. For everyone who has an opinion on the aspect ratio for wanting the Buffy blu rays, the size of the book is closer to size the artist actually work in. The art is just gorgeous!
Is it the same size as the Tales HC?
Don't like that Whedon's and Vaughan's names are on the spine and Jeanty's isn't, especially given Jeanty drew 80% of it and Vaughan only wrote 40%. It's especially disappointing given the front cover does its credits so much better than Marvel or DC usually manage.
Adding to what Fuelreaver said, the Wikipedia page on what is canon helped me when I was first buying stuff.
Thanks! Saved the page :) my birthday is coming up in August, and I think I know what I'll be wishing for... :D
@Illy nothing makes me happier than someone starting to read the Buffy comics :) you're in for a fantastic ride, especially once you get into Season 9 :)

And yeah, although I have the trades, if I see this at Barnes and Noble, I might just have to buy this....
I only ever read the very first issue, I borrowed it from a friend of mine, who got it through another friend - they didn't sell them here back then. I can't wait to be able to discuss all the craziness that happens and finally be able to read every article without the fear of spoilers :D

The only Whedonverse graphic novel I own so far is The Shepards Tale - my precious >:) muahahahahaahahahahh
According to Dark Horse's pages for this book and Tales, this is the exact same dimensions as Tales. They're both 8” x 12 3/16”.

I need this.

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Anyone know if there are corrections made from the original printings to the reprints? I seem to remember the odd misspelling.
I think atleast a few lines changed from the single comics to the TPBs, from what I heard, so I assume some things are corrected.
Raced to my local shop during my lunch hour. The book is gorgeous and you must buy it. The store folks even commented about how well-priced it is, considering the quality of production. It's the exact size of the "Tales" hardcover, and like "Tales" includes a bookmark ribbon. Unlike "Tales," this is a "library edition" with art on the cover boards, so that it will look great even without the jacket. Speaking of the jacket, the spine does NOT match the "Tales" spine design. No classic Buffy trademark "B." Instead, we get the Twilight symbol. Extras: great Jeanty sketchbook in the back; plus the fun, what-in-the-slashy-heck MySpace Dark Horse Presents story; plus ALL the covers—variants, TPBs, etc. Very similar to the extras in the excellent "Walking Dead" deluxe hardbacks. But $29.99 instead of $100! Cheers to Dark Horse for a job well done.
I WANT THIS NOW *___* I don't think I can wait for my birthday... lol
I got it today. It's a very nice book. Unfortunately, the continuity fiend is upset that this volume contains "Always Darkest," when that story should be collected in the Vol. 3 HC based on publication order. But that's my only complaint. Binding snobs may complain that it has a flat spine instead of a rounded spine.

Request to Dark Horse: Can we get an oversized HC version of Fray?
Hmmm, maybe the reason they included "Always Darkest" is because DH wants to link it directly to "Anywhere But Here"? It is kind of a "mini-sequel" to that particular story.
Aha! This is what I've been waiting for. I think I have these two arcs in single issues, but that's where I stopped (too little too far between for me).
I wonder how long til the next ones come out...?
jcs - Vol. 2 is scheduled for release on September 12.
Hmmm, maybe the reason they included "Always Darkest" is because DH wants to link it directly to "Anywhere But Here"? It is kind of a "mini-sequel" to that particular story.
Mini-sequel? How so? "Anywhere but Here" involves fantasy sequences, and "Always Darkest" involves dream sequences, but they're not related at all. Also, "Always Darkest" features the Vampy Cat Play Friends in the wedding panel, and those guys don't show up until issue 22.
ill be getting this for sure
anyone know if the books between the end of after the fall and the spike series would be classed as canon too? (for example aftermath, immortality for dummies and illyria: haunted)
whedonfandavid - you may be interested in reading issues 23-27 and the Angel Annual #1, which were all written or co-written by Brian Lynch. Issue #23 is even a direct epilogue to After the Fall.
@Invisible Green

I don't have Always darkest in front of me, but doesn't Buffy appear in the same clothes and setting as the betrayal-panels from Anywhere But Here? I think Caleb even makes a comment about that, when dream-Buffy is lying down.

The Vampy cat thing was probably just a choice of the artist, meant as a meaningless reference, but it could mean Buffy's dream had a propechy element in it, showing her a part of the future.
Skytteflickan88 - The first panel of "Always Darkest" does appear to be referencing the design of Page 19, Panel 1 of "Anywhere but Here." But that seems to me to be a pretty tenuous reason for including "Always Darkest" in this collection.
@Invisible Green

thanks for that think i might as well get angel v5 n 6 (volume 5 aftermath cant remember what volume 6 called) and the end which collects the rest of angel then the 2 spike volumes (link into byffy s8) not sure about the illyria volume(s?) though
whats other peoples views on this?
@Invisible Green

I think it would be the best reading order, since some people might forget, or lose interest in that panel when they get to vol 3.

Could also be they wanted to spread the one shots out? Aren't there two Harmony ones, and Willow's and Riley's? Unless they also include The Thrill.


The Spike series is now collected in one volume and will be released late in July

I hate that, why couldn't we get that right away, instead of two volumes?

I'm unsure of the Illyria comics are available in HCs. Maybe just as TPBs. I checked amazon for Illyria hardcovers but found none. E-mail and see if they're planning to release one.

thanks for that info
i think i knew that illyria was just tpb even though it seems odd when rest are hc's and tpbs but thanks 4 info about spike sounds cool
don't get why they dont have plans 4 more premiere editions for their continued series but ah well

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