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May 24 2012

Chris Evans joins Twitter. You can now follow Captain America's online adventures.

He was this pretty good skater, now he's this pretty good actor.
I didn't realize he was a skater. So I'm guessing he did his own skating in Scott Pilgrim?
Yay! Now, can someone please tell me what Twitter is...?
It's a place where awesome accounts like this exist, click.
It's something Felicia Day does under the table.
That sounds dirty and wrong, b!x.
I thought Chris Evans already had a twitter page.
There are usually multiple fake accounts for celebs who have yet to join, eddy. Maybe you saw one of those.
Zelikman, he's going for the Oscar this year.
He said he's scared and doesn't know what he's doing. I suppose if I were him I'd be worried about people will do once they find out it's him. He needs to learn all the tools or go private. We've got Ruffalo already. Now we need the rest of our boys plus Scarlett.
As someone who has only seen Chris Evans as Captain America so far, can I just say "oh my" to his picture!!

Very nice.
Hiddles is also on, and he and Simon Pegg tweeted each other today, rocking my world. Simon is friends with everyone I like. He's like Kevin Bacon, but with actual connections.

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One of his best tweets was about wanting a Scott Pilgrim reunion to EdgarWright :)

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