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May 24 2012

Felicia Day provides 'Eccentricities For Your Entertainment'. An informative video interview where Felicia describes the slate of shows available on her new 'Geek and Sundry' YouTube channel.

For those who may not be aware of the origins of Geek and Sundry, also has a cool article explaining how Google partnered with various content-creators and how Felicia has used the opportunity to stretch her creative horizons.

I wish I were not married and were 20 years younger! (just kidding, honey. No, really, just kidding!)
If its any consolation to you and your honey, Dana5140, i am just a bit older than ms. Day and i am unmarried and i dont think its making any diference... ;)
@ Darkness - The same for me. Back to topic, though, I love TableTop because it actually feels like a show you would catch on a cable station airing at some point. Wil Wheaton does a phenomenal job hosting and explaining the variations of the rules included in the game. Otherwise, nothing is really grabbing me from her channel. The Nerdist channel on YouTube is also pretty disappointing, seeing as how amazing their podcast is and the guests they're able to pull.
Here's how good TableTop is. I have a huge, mostly inexplicable visceral problem watching Wil Wheaton. His personality type grates on me. I'm not making a judgment as to the value of the personality type, here. Just that it clashes with my people sensibilities.

Despite that, I watch every episode of TableTop. It's a fantastic concept, executed very, very well. My favorite episode would have to be the one with Colin Ferguson, in part because he's the first guest whose personality at the table could match Wil's and keep things more in balance.

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@spidyredneckjedi - yeah, the stuff on the Nerdist channel hasn't caught much of my attention thus far. Maybe because I can't get that into watching people bowl, which is one of their main shows :)

As for Geek and Sundry, on my end at least, Felicia's content has clicked far more with me, as I find it has a cool sense of wit, charm, and dorky exuberance weaved throughout.

For example, I've always heard of 'The Guild' as this critically acclaimed web-show, but until the launch of Geek and Sundry I never made the effort to actually sit down and watch it. Now that I have, I regret not checking it out sooner as I find that thematically it's got a lot of what I enjoy in Joss' shows - e.g., slightly damaged people banding together to create a 'found family'. I didn't expect that a quirky little web-show would resonate so much with me, but my sisters and I have now watched it together, and thought Felicia did a stellar job in writing an oft-hilarious, and charming story that appealed to us even though we're not gamers. I really dig the grass-roots vibe that it has.

I think that carries over into why I enjoy The Flog, as Felicia brings a quick wit and a geeky sense of enthusiasm to the proceedings, and I find it nicely encapsulates her message that going and out trying things shouldn't be limited to a person's 'weird aunt who takes a Pottery Class' :)

I also enjoy TableTop far more than I realized I would, as I've never tried out any of the more involved/complex stuff that they're playing. I guess, that's the point, though - to encourage folks to give it a try.

On a sidenote, given that Google gave similar Channel opportunities to mainstream names like Madonna and Jay-Z, I find it gratifying that one of our Whedonverse alums was afforded a similar opportunity. Interesting world we live in, where the New Media continues to gain prominence. Makes me anticipate the Dr Horrible sequel even more!

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