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May 24 2012

A look at some of the computer UI from Avengers. Jayse Hansen displays some of the work he did for the Avengers creating the HUD for the Helicarier and the Iron Man suit.

He mentions this is just a quick image dump and that he will revisit it later with a proper post. Not sure if that means more images or more in-depth descriptions.

Jumping Geekery! This is awesome.
This reminds me of a question I keep meaning to ask about the plot of the Avengers... spoilers ho!

SPOILER: In the Helicarrier, just before the first explosion hits, Banner looks at the tracking hit on the Cube and is immediately worried, saying, "Oh my god." What does he see? The scene is set up to make it seem like he's realizing the presence of Hawkeye, et al. But how would he know that from tracking the cube? Is the cube not supposed to be with Selveig in Manhattan at that point?
@Knuckleball: At that moment, he tracked the cube to Manhattan. That's why he says 'Oh my god'. If it wasn't for the explosion, they would've been able to stop the portal from even opening. Banner was the only one who knew where it was gonna go down, that's why he shows up in the end. Otherwise, how would he even know where he would have to go?

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