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May 25 2012

The Avengers now fourth in all-time US box office. It passes Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, and that's in its first theatrical run, versus The Phantom Menace over more than one release.

Pretty good headed into Memorial Day weekend :D
Hasn't quite cracked 1.2 billion worldwide: $1,199,984,788. Someone here has been slacking.
It'll make that up in the next 15 minutes!
You can bet your sweet asgard it'll hit 2 bill.
So is MiB gonna knock it off the top of the hill this week?? Based on the one and one & a half star reviews, I'd guess no. But clearly reviews mean nothing in terms of a one week(end) tally.

How sweet would it be if Avengers maintained the 1 spot even during a big release weekend? The answer is pretty sweet. (dont hold your breath but you never know!)
@Alexreager: MiB 3 is expected to open around $80 million (4 day weekend). Avengers is projected to earn $45 million. So Avengers will lose their n1 spot but that's ok.
A really good Memorial Day weekend (ie $45 million) will set The Avengers up to pass The Dark Knight sometime next week. Even a soft weekend (say $30 million) will likely put The Avengers at number 3 on the all-time domestic list next weekend.
Wow obillow, that's much more encouraging than I thought.

Keeping our fingers crossed!
@bigsofty, The Avengers has cracked 1.2b worldwide, according to the Friday numbers as published by Boxoffice - 1,228.7M to date.
Hmmm, yes, the and Box Office Mojo domestic numbers are the same, but I guess the Box Office Mojo international numbers aren't quite up to date.

So: $1.2 billion. Yay!
I love seeing all these numbers because I still plan on seeing it a second time.
A woo and a hoo. :)
I'm maybe doing a fifth time tonight...

My own personal projection for the 4 day weekend is 50M, with passing The Dark Knight with Wednesday's Box Office. Overly optimistic? Meh, probably.
I've only seen it once so far too, but I'm going again this weekend - and probably again the following weekend. It still has about $56 million to go to pass TDK (which it will obviously do) so I want to help as much as possible.
Ebert gives MiB3 three stars.
The AV Club also thought it was pretty good. That, in addition to my love for Josh Brolin, means I'll probably see it this weekend and, in doing so, help contribute to the slow death of cinema.

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I saw MIB3 yesterday and wasn't impressed. Of course, I can't stand Brolin so that colored my perception a bit. Overall it is a very vanilla family friendly movie that should have a respectable opening weekend and then drop to basically nothing because there will be no second viewings.
Just saw MIB3, taking the 1st spot will not be surprising, considering the number of screens (and I believe they just claimed most Imax screens also) it will be showing, and it familiar flair as a Will Smith starring vehicle. The movie is just OK, the chinks are very obvious once the movie is over, but just like what IrrationaliTV said, it hold no second viewing value. It almost forgetable, but still better than the disastrous second movie. It was also better than Battleship.

Back to Avengers, it was also reported here locally, that it just became the highest grossing movie in Brazil ever.

Glad my multiple viewings helped to contribute to those numbers.
We'll be bypassing all the other releases this weekend, and seeing Avengers again. We might even give Cabin in the Woods one more go around before it disappears.

90 degree weather and no A/C for the moment, so we will be chillin' with Joss this weekend.
I'll be seeing it again on Monday :)
Took the kids to MIB3 (one of them and I almost talked the other into Avengers again, but he had to see his MIB3 so we allowed it), the reviews here are pretty accurate. Fine, forgettable, better than the second, etc. We'll probably see the Avengers a couple more times before the summer's out.
On a few of the other box office threads, people have mentioned that Avengers wasn't likely to keep many theatres count up after all these big releases. For Avengers's 4th week it lost only 331 theatres for a total of 3,918, which is just slightly better than the first Iron Man by just a few screens but significantly better than all the other Marvel Studio movies. Dark Shadows lost more theatres than Avengers and I imagine next week Battleship is going to lose a lot while Avengers once again has another small drop.
The Seattle Times review of MIB3 ended by saying, "Maybe just go see Avengers again? You'll have more fun."

All the numbers are satisfying, but I always remember that "Gone With the Wind" and "Star Wars" still hold the real titles, adjusted for inflation. So I'll be happy if Avengers fights its way into the top 50 all-time adjusted. It's only three shy!
The Avengers continues to play to decent numbers where I'm at... BFE... aka Nebraska. Even on thursday, when I saw it for a second time there were six showings that day.

Btw... #coulsonlives :D (I know what I saw at the end)
The inflation adjusted figures are probably the more exciting ones, but perhaps less relevant to how much of a success the film will be judged by the industry at this time. That'd be my guess.

Also, adjusting for inflation leaves out a lot of other considerations, such as the way television, DVDs, video games, other forms of medium or forms of entertainment, may influence commercial success. These things, plus no doubt many other sociological and economic factors, have to be born in mind when measuring the commercial achievement. Equally, as is often remarked, some films increased their takings through re-releases and others (such as The Avengers itself) have increased ticket prices for 3D showings.

Not knowing enough about all this stuff, the mere numbers don't mean a great deal to me. Still, the whole more is better than less thing I can just about follow.
ManEnoughTOAdmitIt - The Avengers should be in the top 50 adjusted by the end of this weekend.
The Avengers will probably end up number 3 behind the two Cameron films in domestic and international grosses when all is said and done. That would be very impressive.
I have no interest whatsoever in seeing MIB3 as I've never seen any of the series and don't really want to do so.
I finally saw Captain America: The First Avenger last night (DVD) and thought it was very well done.
Seriously! How is the Avengers behind The Dark Night and Avatar?! Two of the worst cinematic events of all time! And how is Avatar first? Was i watching the same painfully long version of Disney's Pocahontas meets Fern gully?
Gone with the Wind also had the advantage of running for an absurdly long time, just because movies did that in those days (especially successful ones, obviously).
Avatar hit when everyone was eager to see their first 3D movie. That's basically the reason for its high spot.
@Jaymii, I think that's a bit harsh. Avatar didn't break any new ground in story or writing terms, but TBH I've have been very surprised if it did. It was a major step forward technically, and you don't take big-budget risks in both tech and story simultaneously if you can help it.

I don't see it becoming a classic, but it was undeniably shiny, and personally I was excited that someone finally brought the old Planetary Romance genre to the big screen.
Avatar's story was fairly pedestrian but not ineffective. And it featured a culture whose religious practices received an entirely empirical vindication. That's pretty interesting in itself. The Dark Knight has its virtues, too. But if anyone doesn't enjoy them or rate them, so be it. I don't think either is a case of the Emperor's New Clothes myself; but no film will appeal to everyone. That doesn't mean that debating their qualities isn't valuable, of course.

But box office records are neither a mark of quality nor a simple indication of popularity. Everything is what it is and it is not another thing, as Bishop Berkeley remarked.
I thoroughly enjoyed Avatar. The visuals were stunning, I appreciated the social commentary, & there's a reason certain stories are timeless. Romeo & Juliet and West Side Story are also in the same vein as the fictionalized Pocahontas tales. Enemy Mine even has similarities without the romance. It's a good story. It can stand being retold.

I also enjoyed Titanic, though I do think it's a little overrated. The romance was poignant. The commentary on the time was interesting. I enjoyed the characters (even the characatures). The most common critique that I've heard amuses me a lot: "Well, you already know how it ends." So? The boat sinks. 99+% of action movies end with the hero winning (much like Avengers). Does that mean the journey to that destination is irrelevant? I also want to ask those particular critics if they've never watched/read anything more than once. Foreknowledge does not necessarily rob an experience of its entertainment value.

ETA: I also enjoyed TDK, but not enough for a rewatch so far. I think it is far more flawed, but some of the performances elevate it beyond its merit as a story.

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Titanic only works because you know the boat sinks.
I'm an Avatar fan, and I don't think that was taking it down. I was engaged throughout. It's still a big reason for it. The statistics show that a large large majority of people who watched that film saw it in 3D.

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