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May 25 2012

Scott C. draws the Avengers and Loki for The Great Showdowns. Scott C. adds The Avengers to his Great Showdown series. You can watch the LiveStream of his drawing process too (FF about 2 minutes in before he gets going)!

Everyone should also check out gingerhaze.tumblr. I don't know if any of her stuff has been posted on here (if it was I missed it) but she does really funny/cute fan art about a lot of geeky properties, including Avengers.
I don't know which is more wrong, a happy Hulk, or Black Widow smiling in so chipper a fashion whilst handling her gun. But it is a lovely picture and makes feel very sorry for all those deceased giant, floaty, snakey, thingies.
Oh, and thanks for the tip icallitvera, there are some great pictures there. I've seen a couple before but I don't know if they were linked to here or not.

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