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May 26 2012

Jubal the Early Worm. A new comic strip.

Thank you for sharing this, it made me smile. =)
Aw, that's quite delightful. I think the hide and seek one was my favourite.

(Does that make River the early bird? She does get him, after all.)
Ha, I love this; great find! But how awesome would a Jubal Early official one-shot comic be? Or ongoing series? Oh man, I've just given myself more hopeful woes, haven't I?
This is incredibly random. And somehow manages to make Jubal REALLY adorable.
What a great nollaboration (good word). :) Thank you for sharing. I wonder if there will be any more? I've bookmarked the blog.
I feel like Jubal could have a really cool origin story.
I like Dude Meister's idea.

Earthworms reproduce sexually but there is no he or she, I believe. They are both at once. So that strip would only work scientifically if they were coupling at the time.
This is adorable! I think the lines were very well picked - if someone doesn't know the show they'll appreciate the humor, but for fans it's even funnier, in my opinion.
Big smiles! I hope he keeps making more of these.

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