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May 27 2012

'Avengers' sets another record, falls to number 2 for fourth weekend. The film has set a new record for the fastest film to $500 million domestically, and has been knocked off the top on the box office for its fourth weekend, after spending three weeks at number one.

It passed $500 million in just 23 days - the previous record was set by Avatar, which passed in 32 days. The film is expected to add an additional $48.5m to its domestic gross this weekend, putting it in second place, behind MIB3 (which is expected to make $70m).

Aw yeah....this is music to a lot of ears, I think! I can only imagine what's going through Joss' head right now :P
Ah this is insane! Thinking I need a refresher viewing to add to the momentum. I reckon Joss is already getting tons of offers thrown at him.
I think this will be the first superhero film to cross the $600M mark domestically, after all is said and done. It just seems unreal right now...
BlueEyedBrigadier: Perhaps wondering where he'll buy his next 'really good meal' :)
"Avengers also is the highest grossing film in Walt Disney Studios movie history." This. This is the good stuff.
Wow! Usually this stuff wouldn't matter to me and, after all, it is neither the greatest film ever nor Joss's greatest work. But I can't stop myself being excited. I love that it is a hit, and I love that this could do great things for Joss. And, more selfishly, I love that that could mean great things for me and the rest of us Joss fans.
They spent $300 million making MIB3? That's $80m more than The Avengers?
Men In Black had problems... like not having a script.
Ouch for MIB3, with Avengers being only about 20 million behind it for weekend grosses. WOW.
I saw it again yesterday - with a friend - and then I picked up some shawarma on the way home! ;)
Men In Black3 also had to pay for Will Smith's salary and overexpensive trailer.
MIB3 also had Will Smith, who probably cost A LOT.
Hmm, that moment when you realise "another weekend another record destroyed" is something you expect when you log on to Whedonesque. Weird. (Awesome)
I can only imagine what's going through Joss' head right now

I hope it's a new script. ;)
The Avengers is still going to leave all the other summer movies in the dust. People will see MIB3 once, and then decide to go back for another view of The Avengers.
I'm glad, but not surprised, that I wasn't the only one looking at the movie listings for this weekend and didn't see any reasonable alternatives to another Avengers viewing.
Saw the movie again this morning in a nearly sold out theater. Seriously, there were only a few available seats - for a movie that has been out for nearly a month!

Plenty of laughter and clapping to be heard. It made me feel all warm inside (again).
Saw The Avengers for the 2nd time - in 3D this time - with my little brother (his first 3D movie) and the theatre was relatively empty at half-capacity, but definitely a decent number for a film out for 3 weeks and fighting for $$$ against MIB 3. Happy to say my brother loved it!
I can only imagine what's going through Joss' head right now

I hope it's a new script. ;)

I hope it's more Firefly.


NO, I will NEVER give up! I am a leaf on the wind! CAN'T STOP THE SIGNAL!! YOU CAN'T TAKE THE SKY FROM MEEEEE!! *insane cackle*
It'll likely beat the Dark Knight's $533M domestic take by this Thursday, assuming it does a total of $10M Tues-Thur. And then it'll cross $550M on Saturday (most likely) making it only the third film ever to do so (after Avatar and Titanic). It'll end next weekend only $40M-$50M or so shy of $600M. Not bad for ~30 days at the box office!
This past Saturday, I tried to see it at two of the closer Alamo Drafthouse theaters here in Austin. Both venues were sold out for the entire day, except the last evening show. I ended up at a Regal theater for the 7:20, and it was about 3/4 full.
Was just looking at Box Office Mojo's All-Time Memorial Day Opening Weekend Stats (

The Avengers would be #18 on the list if you used it's FOURTH weekend (this Memorial Day Weekend) total!
A friend of mine tried to see The Avengers for the first time this weekend, but it was sold out. It blows my mind, and makes me very happy, that it's still selling out theaters four weeks out. I plan on seeing it in 3D soonish (but I've got a pass, so I'll add to the ticket numbers but not the $$s).

I also don't imagine this Friday's movies will hurt The Avengers much. Snow White and the Huntsman may take the #1 spot for the weekend, but I kinda doubt it'll have staying power like The Avengers or even do much better in its first weekend than The Avengers will do in its FIFTH. Prometheus and Madagascar 3 on June 8 could be problems, though.
Reviews suggest Prometheus has lots of fanservice but not much interest and will probably fall off quickly like MiB3. "Not as disappointing as The Phantom Menace" says Kim Newman. TDKR up next.

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