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May 27 2012

Maurissa Tancharoen Details Her Recent Bliss. It involves being covered head to toe with hot, herb-infused oil. And it gets better.

Not to sound skeptical, but if she's like other people with Lupus or a number of other chronic illnesses (i.e. fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis), this is just a temporary reprieve. She'll be good for a couple of weeks, and then the problems with come back - either here and there, or all at once.

I do hope it helps, and that it leaves her symptom-free for a long time.
So wonderful to hear how she's feeling now--her interaction with her 15-year-old self made me cry a little. All that suffering in someone so young and talented and fun is just intolerable.
Hoping really really hard that the reprieve lasts.
I'm so glad she's felt better for months now. I hope this gives her the backup she needs to kick lupus' ass to next week.
It's fantastic that she feels better, but I'm not so sure about the safety of the herbs, as they may have toxic compounds. There haven't been many scientific studies that proves alternative medicine to work, so I hope she goes on with the alternative medicine that have been proven to work; medicine.
Whatever works, whatever it takes. I just want Mo as healthy as possible. So relieved she's feeling better.

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