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May 28 2012

A Queer Primer to Joss Whedon. Kevin Sparrow at In Our Words examines how "[Joss'] work addresses a particularly queer audience and our issues."

Nice piece. I love that Joyce line "Have you ever tried not being a Slayer?
But there was no mention of Andrew, who I thought, though closeted, was Joss's biggest gay character.
Also since Astonishing X-men is mentioned, Runaways should also be mentioned. Runaways featured a relationship between a lesbian and a "transexual". Joss didn't create the characters but he did give it importance during his arc.
In "The Girl in Question," Andrew hooked up with girls, I thought?

I actually really enjoyed this article and thought it pretty much covered most of what I would've liked mentioned. Though a nod to Illyria's gender ambiguity might've been cool as well, in the spirit of the Lorne mention.

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Lorne may be fabulous, but the only evidence of romantic interest points straight. In "Waiting In The Wings", he tells Angel he'd be all over Cordy if she liked to wear green. But I could see the line being blurred. He does call Angel pastries.

The real question is, who is Andrew's greatest unrequited attraction - Warren, Xander, or Spike? Imagine the possibilities.
I ditto the comment on Runaways. And I find it more important than AXM because Runaways is more specifically directed at young adults.
asgardian Joss had this to say about that scene in The Girl in Question:
It has to be said: the Andrew scene in 'The Girl in Question' was a victim of me dropping the ball. I specifically said there should be a party of men AND women, all glamorous and Italian, waiting for Andrew. I wasn't there when it was shot, and didn't have the time/money/energy to change it after the fact, though it made me crazy. Andrew's sexuality is always on the cusp of self-awareness because Andrew is stunted emotionally and because it's hilarious.

If I wasn't clear I enjoyed the article a lot. Just thought some more could be added to the subject.

I haven't really thought about Illyria's gender being ambiguous, but I guess it is. I suppose it didn't really have a gender originally, though it does refer to itself as king, or is that something Knox says...

Another thing that I remembered about the subject is Angel in Spin The Bottle, afraid of what everyone will think of him when they discover what he really is and later on saying "I didn't ask for this. I didn't ask to be a freak. Hell, I didn't even ask to be born."
All very interesting stuff. I think that Joss's work, in general, is very interesting on gender and the roles and expectations, and the subverting of these. There are some wonderful bits of gender blurring, especially Lorne and, as I remember it too, Illyria.

I often found the treatment of sexuality a little awkward, though. I loved that Willow's journey showed some of the fluidity of identification in terms of sexual orientation. But, as someone with pansexual tendencies, I found it frustrating on a personal level (which is no criticism) that she couldn't have expanded rather than diverted her inclinations. But that's how it is for a lot of people.

Also, being somewhat transgendered, while I find touchstones in Joss's work, I don't detect any special insight. I don't think it is a particular interest of his - or, at least, not one that has had much space as of yet. There's clearly an interest in gender, of course, but just transgenderism specifically.

I regret that there wasn't more uncoded same sex attraction between male characters on Buffy and Angel. But there was plenty hinted at and plenty in the subtext. But it always felt odd that it shouldn't be more textual.
Thanks, urkonn! I'd never seen that quote before, so that changes it a little in my mind. :)
"Angel and me have never been intimate. Except that one..."

Just sayin' ;)

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