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May 28 2012

James Marsters talks about auditioning for True Blood. Find out what happened.

Seriously, because he was too short? I mean, I don't even like True Blood and yet find that really kind of appalling.
Sometimes I feel like everyone is just pretending to like True Blood, in an effort to catch me caving in to peer pressure, so they can be all like: "Psyche! We KNOW it sucks!".

But then I realise the world probably DOESN'T revolve around me. Does it?
Too short? Last time I checked, James was 5'11'' and Stephen Moyer was 5'9''. Unless he was auditioning for Eric maybe?
They were probably just stalling while working out the contract with Christopher Meloni. Which isn't to say I'm not a fan of Marsters, just that they probably wanted Meloni from the start.
That was a big mistake on the part of Alan Ball. Hiring James Marsters would have brought in more Buffy fans into the True Blood world.
Andy,, I love "True Blood." I'm not pretending. In my opinion, it has the courage of its own insanity. I'm sorry James Marsters isn't on it, but I'm sure he'll get another good job.
Shapenew - nice try but I am on to you all!
Spike is my favorite buffyverse character and 95% of that is because of James but he doesn't really fit in with the true blood actors... Just like Anna Paquin wouldn't have fit in on Buffy. It's akin to mixing MLB players with NBA players
And I don't understand how someone could like Buffy and not like TrueBlood... Both charlaine Harris and Alan ball have both admitting to owing so much of true blood to joss and Buffy...
My problem with True Blood is that it tried to present itself as something more than insanity when it began. It's opening credits still has all these crazy vampire/gay/religion metaphors floating about. And also, by virtue of being on HBO, it's considered to be the vampire show for "grown ups," which is ludicrous. It's also disappointing it takes away some of the storm from the legitimately fantastic storytelling in The Vampire Diaries.

Either way, I think James would be fun on the show. He can ham it up something special. He should get a HBO gig, thinking about it. He'd be nice on Boardwalk too.

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I admire True Blood for trying to get away from being completely faithful to the books. It was, in a fashion, that way for the first couple of seasons. But as time has gone on, the nuttier and more explicit it's become, and I don't think it is a good thing at all (although Denis O'Hare's acting has been a revelation). I have no idea if Chris Meloni coming on the show will create a different dynamic but judging from previews, it doesn't look likely. James Marsters could fit into this universe quite easily but 1) I'd hate to see him playing second banana to anyone, and 2) Not another vampire. Let him try something different.
Anyone suggesting that The Vampire Diaries has 'fantastic storytelling' is setting the bar pretty low considering the series is proving itself incapable of producing more than a single antagonist. (Nicklaus...yawn)
I'm still watching True Blood and I don't perceive it as getting nuttier. It has consistently dealt with serious moral themes like love, loyalty and friendship. Jason has been slowly growing up from a self-centered, thoughtless prick who goes along with the crowd to someone who has consideration for the needs of others and is willing to make sacrifices for them.

Ball has engaged with cults, occultism and pagan groups in contemporary society rather than treating them as mere tropes of the genre; he's an equal opportunity mocker of all religions and spiritualities, but he's pretty well informed about what he's mocking.
Our friend sent the first season of Vampire Diaries to us because she thought w would like it given my wife's obsession with Twilight. We found Vampire Diaries to be such a poor imitation of BtVS that it was such a painful slog to get finish the season so that we can truthfullly say that we watched it.
It's also disappointing it takes away some of the storm from the legitimately fantastic storytelling in The Vampire Diaries.

Um, what?

Granted, True Blood has not been able to follow Russell Edgington with a better story, but comparing it with Vampire Diaries is like comparing apples and kitty litter.

So James (who is maybe 5'7" - NOT 5' 10") didn't get a part in it. Lots of actors didn't, and for similarly arbitrary reasons. That's the life of an actor. He's lucky he's done as well as he has - not for a lack of talent, but because for every one of him, there are thousands who would love to be in his shoes. It doesn't make the show drek.

I, for one, look forward to "True Blood" coming back - even if it means I'm not one of the cool kids.
I thought the first season of TB was a lot of fun, despite being wrapped in a fairly standard whodunit arc. The second season was quite fabulous, with an inspired villain, great payoffs and a lot of fun moments. Season 3 was overstuffed, but did have a strong villain and those can usually smooth over a fair amount of rough edges. Season 4 went flying off into random and poorly connected storylines, some of which are dropped like a bad habit, others of which are given too much time. Ultimately a lame villain too. Look, the show itself is only good escapist trash on its best day. Considering it had a lot of its worst days last season, they'll have to take quite a jump forward to regain my attention, and with Ball developing another HBO series I'm guessing his somewhat steady hand will be increasingly absent--which doesn't fill me with confidence.
Kids, you're all pretty!

True Blood is a big bowl of batshit cray cray with abs and boobies and I love it to itsy bitsy pieces. Also TVD is wonderful angsty high school soapy goodness with a side of Somerhalder (so I couldn't really care if it is "good" or not). Everything doesn't have to be Buffy to be good and enjoyable and loved by millions. Really disappointed when Whedon fans start disparaging other franchises.

Except Twilight. On that I'm a total hypocrite. Bash away.
I stopped watching after Michelle Forbes. I love Ensign Ro as much as the next person but watching her ridiculous vibrating villain embarrassed me.

I've read the Stackhouse books. They're alright.

True Blood really sucks.

Nobody's ever going to be able to make another Buffy. That makes me sad.
I have never watched True Blood, I don't get HBO. Though I probably would have subscribed for James.

I know a lot of people who were very enthusiastic about True Blood at the beginning, but lost interest.

I have tried to watch Vampire Diaries a couple of times, just for the pretty, couldn't get myself to find time to do it regularly. The days of appointment TV ended with Buffy, now I DVR everything, and if it sits there for a couple of weeks without me watching it, I take it off the schedule.

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To some of the above comments: True Blood really is fantastic. Some people say it's gone down hill, but it's just opinions. The first season is without a doubt fantastic, and the rest is very good as well. I love every season as it airs. I cannot wait for season 5. I'm kind of glad James didn't get the part though? I love him, but I feel like bringing one vampire-famous actor into another famous-vampire show would be too... unrealistic? Like, it would pull me out of the show, because I see him as Spike, and no other vampire.
Joss had the sense to keep tertiary characters tertiary, and maintain focus on the main characters. Alan Ball, who had a large enough cast of main characters already, couldn't keep the show focused. But there's good moments still...
Fred_Sonja, I'll give you that TB is 'fantastic' as in deeply grounded in fantasy. In my opinion it is nowhere near good tv. Cringing and feeling embarrassed for the actors while watching is never a good thing.

The only time I felt that with Buffy was Bad Eggs. Ok maybe Where The Wild Things Are (an episode that would've fit right in with True Blood), except that it had awesome Gilesness.
Like, it would pull me out of the show, because I see him as Spike, and no other vampire.

I think Spike could show Stephen Moyer's Bill and Alexander Skarsgaard's Eric a thing or two about being badass.
I think liking or not liking TB is a matter of taste. It's not just horror and social satire and sex, it's over the top Southern Gothic. I read the first few Sookie Stackhouse books and thought they were derivative but entertaining light reading. I think True Blood is more interesting and ambitious than the source material, but it's not everyone's cup of tea.
I enjoy True Blood. Alan Ball is one of those people who I will probably watch everything they ever do (like Joss) because Six Feet Under was unrestrained brilliance from the pilot.

True Blood is so different, and I respect Ball for doing something so silly after something so serious. But that is part of the appeal of True Blood; self-aware parody and hyperbole at every moment. True Blood knows it is crass and over-stated and it revels in it.

Despite this it does deal with some interesting themes, and sometimes in all the more interesting ways for being over-the-top. Most obviously the 'god hates fangs' metaphor. Sure, we're bashed over the head with it, but that can be fun too. The show also deals with death in quite an impressively real way - death pulls the show and the characters back down to earth in a way that nothing else can in such a fantastical setting.

It isn't everyone's cup to tea for sure, but I don't think it is by any means a 'bad show', though personally I am glad Ball will be leaving after the fifth season because I want to see him do something a bit more serious again.
Um, what?

Sure, if you're open. Most people don't want to watch TVD because they already watch the adult storytelling going on in True Blood. It is all silly, but whatever.
TB started off promisingly enough, but imo fell into ridiculous territory pretty quickly and never recovered.

I'm afraid that I'm still waiting to see the series live up to the atmosphere of the wonderful opening titles.

And imo JM would have been wonderful in it, but then I always find myself enjoying his guest spots on shows. He always seems to make the most of whatever material he's handed. Good or bad.
Honestly I love True Blood, any show that makes it's vampires actually violent and is willing to go balls too the wall get's a lot of praise from me... not casting James is a HUGE mistake on their part, Spike is consistently considered the best vampire in entertainment history in ANY list of best vampires ever, he ranks above Bill and Eric. How height could be the issue I can't understand, unless his character is meant to be fighting Alcide and as he points out, he fights giant ass guys for a living.

And just from an advertising standpoint... "Spike comes to True Blood", there, I just raised your viewers by 50% in one single sentence!
I can see where if the fight scenes are with Alexander Skarsgard as Eric and/or Joe Manganiello as Alcide, they wouldn't want it to look like the show's heroes are beating on someone who is much smaller, because it makes them look like bullies. Now, it depends. Allan Hyde, who plays Eric's maker Godric, is much shorter than James Marsters, but Eric isn't supposed to beat him up. I will say that whatever reason they didn't go with James Marsters, telling him he was "too short" doesn't seem to make much sense. (His height is on his resume, it shouldn't have been something they realized only when he walked in the door.) Perhaps somebody went, "He's great, but having someone who was really prominent on 'Buffy' and 'Angel' is going to create cognitive dissonance." If indeed JM did go up for the Christopher Meloni role, having people make the Spike association could be very distracting, whereas people making the Eliot Stabler ("Law & Order: SVU") association would simply be kind of amusing. On the other other hand, BD Wong, who played a police psychiatrist on "SVU" for eleven years, was just a series regular on "Awake" as a police psychiatrist and nobody seemed to be worried that would be distracting. And on the other, other, other hand, Christopher Meloni has worked with HBO before ("Oz") and the network likes to rehire people.

Ahh Six Feet Under. I'm of course a huge Whedon fan but that show might just be the greatest show ever. It (along with buffy and The Wire) have in various ways informed who I am and my world view pretty fundamentally.

...which is why I haven't quite warmed to TB yet. It's got big shoes to fill.
I can't say anything for True Blood, the one time I tried to watch one I couldn't get past the accents...

TVD started slow, then was getting ramped up by the end of the first season, then had a nice run of really fun if not great storytelling (and if nothing but for pace alone...), but the last few-several weeks of the most recent season started to leave me cold... Hopefully it can pick back up whatever it was losing next year...
He's better off away from the show. I loved the first three seasons and was really looking forward to season 4 due to what I thought would be a really interesting change to Eric's character. The show's reflection of Eric's change differed wildly, and IMO badly, from the book. The season was also full of bizarre arcs and nonsensical plot holes. There were some odd filming choices too, for example fairyland looked like a poor copy of the original Planet of the Apes set.

In addition, there is an opinion among segments of the fandom that some characters/actors are favored. I don't know if that's true and it's horrible to say, I know. But there are times that the writing is so bad and so far off the books that I have wondered what's going on. Alan Ball has just let go of some major responsibilities so season 5 could be an improvement. Ball was great up until last season. I don't know what happened.
Personally, I think Supernatural, Whoverse, or any SyFy network shows is a better fit if he is focusing on this genre.

I'd like to see him do something completely different, like broadway or a police show. He was great ad Victor Hess, on H5O

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They should bring back Don in Supernatural (I show I do watch *selfish reason*) he was a pretty interesting character, and it was so obvious to the viewers that the writers left his story open so they can bring him back if they want to.

Carver please want to!

I agree, it was totally open and since Don's a guy, he has a shot at surviving. He was different for Marsters too.

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I'm not really disappointed that James Marsters isn't on True Blood. I do enjoy him and think he's really talented so maybe he could have done a lot with whatever role... but from here I'm not seeing it. I did ADORE him on Torchwood, that is my absolute hands down favorite post-Buffy role of his.

I have my issues here and there with True Blood, but I've seen every episode to date so that probably says it all. Me and VD have fallen out but I gave it an honest shot and can see why people might like it. Also I've read all the Twilights and seen every movie on release night. Since I started watching Buffy years ago I don't know if there's a vampire story I haven't seen and enjoyed to some extent. Joss showed me the light that these stories can be rich with symbolism, creepy, funny, scary, delicious, and I give everything an honest shot. If you get right down to it I have things I enjoy less about Buffy too, so everything has it's flaws but I enjoy the entertainment.
Ah, well. I still look up to you, Mr. Marsters!
We found Vampire Diaries to be such a poor imitation of BtVS that it was such a painful slog to get finish the season so that we can truthfullly say that we watched it. The books came before Buffy. That's like saying John Carter is a poor imitation of Avatar (which I've heard)
I don't watch TVD but I caught a few episodes here and there and it's very, very different to the books (which I did read when I was a teenager), so saying the books came before Buffy is fine but that doesn't mean the tv series isn't a poor imitation of how a vampire story was done on a popular television show previously.

I tried watching True Blood back during it's first season but couldn't continue it because again, I'd read the books first and that somewhat spoiled my enjoyment of the show. I was still willing to give it a shot but the accents bugged me and I expected more from it from what the opening credits offered than what it ended up being. The fangs annoy the hell out of me too, they're so fake looking it pulls me out of any belief in the vamps.

Anyway, I'll be honest and say I would have watched it again if he was in it because he generally does a good job of any material he's given, and that could have maybe pulled me back into giving the show another shot, but who knows. I don't care that he's not in it either but I do think the reason behind it (if it's really the reason and not some excuse they gave because they were stalling for someone else) is an incredibly stupid reason. It's a stupid excuse to give someone too, honestly.

Ditto on Don coming back in Supernatural. I would very much like to see that. Greatest moment ever for me when his character not only survived that episode but helped the boys out. It left the possibility of a reappearance open.
I like all three shows (BtVS, TB, TVD). But comparing them, quality wise, is like comparing apples to kitty litter to pencils. None of them have very much in common, except that vampires (and other things) exist. I will say though that Buffy definitely improved over its first few years. That's something I really wouldn't say about the other two, but they both started off stronger from the beginning, so...
You may or may not find this interesting (Alan Ball is leaving True Blood):

Alan Ball Interview at True Blood S5 Premiere
I just read that he was auditioning for Eric.

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