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May 28 2012

Tom Hiddleston (Loki) Interviewed during Disney Press Day. Tom Hiddleston talks about his take on Loki, working with Joss, previous projects and the upcoming THOR 2 movie. ETA: A clip of Tom on last night's Newsnight talking about Shakespeare can be found here (starts at around 20.40 and the panel is around 29.18 h/t to Night On My Side).

He's so adorable. Love what he says about Shakespeare, can't wait for Henry V.
This guy... he's one of the most generous actors I've ever followed. He's incredibly, stunningly talented in his own right, yet all he wants to do is talk about his co-stars, his director, the fun he had just being a part of this ensemble. His joy is palpable, sincere, and genuine. He must just be fucking exhausted from doing all this, yet is always the consummate gentleman and the epitome of professionalism. His Josslove is always at the forefront.

Fucking LOVE Hiddles!
"I never get afraid of things, I only get excited." I want that written on my wall or engraved in my skull or something like that but less painful-sounding. Mainly I want to be able to think that way.

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"You don't have to have any kind of preconceived intellectual qualification to enjoy it. You just have to be alive to fun and...and have a sense of humor and a pair of eyes that are delighted by spectacle.." - Tom Hiddleston (describing The Avengers movie)

Love. Love. Love. LOVE.
I suppose we can't hope for a Loki movie. Or, wait, no, a Black Widow movie with Loki as the villain.
Mark my words: one day, he's gonna be a hugely respected actor and most likely an Academy Award winner, because he's just that great.
Site or link seems to be down.
Seems ok here. I added Night On MY Side's link to this entry.
He's a real class act. I hope if/when Joss does more Shakespeare Tom will be involved.
He's one of those actors who just glows when he talks about his work and his coworkers, which for me is one of the signs that he's in the right profession - and that joy about performing gives an added energy to his performances. Long may Mr. Hiddleston's career thrive.
That is one gorgeous and adorably sweet man. Plus he needs to smile more on camera, because, yegods, look at that smile. It lights up his whole face.
Elf if you haven't already you should check out tumblr. Almost every page has some Hiddles on it. There's a (jokey) push to rename it 'tomblr'. ;)

There's a LOT of pretty there.
The BBC link seems to be UK only.
" Iím desperate to see his MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, canít wait to see it."
Me too!
I was a big fan of Kenneth Branagh's 'Wallander', and I didn't even recognize Tom Hiddleston from that (which I think is to his credit, how he disappeared into the role).
Tom is a great actor who got lucky because he got recognized and got a break.

That said, THAT is why I love him cause he recognizes this fact and is grateful for every second of recognition he is getting, as opposed to an actor who got their break and forgets that their a normal person and thinks that their god's gift. This trait is obvious in James Marsters as well. For me, I don't like an actor unless they are extremely talented AND humble/normal. This is why I'm in love with Tom Hiddleston.
LOL I can't get over the Hiddles love - it's infectious. I showed a friend of mine his picture, and she was like "yeah, sure, he's cute." But didn’t really Get It til I told her to just randomly pick any of his video interviews on YouTube. A few minutes later and a bunch of "hey nice accent", "smart", "funny", "adorable", "hee that laugh", "JOSS love", "aww look at how he talks so excitedly about EVERYone and everything", girl was gone.

Truly, I believe his most attractive quality about him other than his clear talent (and love of Joss of course) is how honestly he expresses his feelings without doubt. He sure is a loquacious fellow, but you kind of don't notice it because unlike other people who just spout words, some of which sound repetitive even when they're not, he says them with such joviality that you're never bored and just want to hear more.

I think many are falling for him because not only does seem to be the kind of guy who would listen, he's the kind who would actually hear what you're saying and actually have something to say about it that's considerate and well thought.

So, um, yeah. Yay more Loki in Thor. Please don't die - come back in Marvels the Avengers: there's still some more avenging to be done.

/end fangirling -thought I grew out of that with JM.

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The Hiddles isn't the most traditionally attractive fellow in the Jossverse, but then he was talking and all... articulate! Pretty much seals the deal for me.
Not attra-... ***


Go here please. And not for the first time do I dearly wish we could post pictures here on The Black.
Not saying he's unattractive. Far from it. But he's not "traditionally" good looking the way Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans are.
OIC. Granted, he's not of the Ken Doll variety. While I do appreciate the classic, jocky, decidedly appealing traditional look of those fellows, Tom is endlessly more appealing to me.

His intellect, his passion, his incredibly infectious smile, his lanky height, and his total and apparently complete lack of hubris, guile, or smarm is almost too much to be believed. And as much as I do appreciate those others, Tom can act circles around them.
Thanks Willowy.

It was hilarious, when I was watching "The Avengers" with my husband the first thing he said to me when Tom came on the screen was, "I want that outfit." and then, "That is a very attractive man." When your rather heterosexual husband comments about another man's attractiveness then he's pretty damned attractive.

Part of what I like about him is the fact that he's not the same sort of "man-pretty" that Chris Evens and Chris Hemsworth are. He's unique. Plus he totally won me with that story where he put the little boy with the Captain America shield on his shoulders with that huge, open smile. (And plus he went out of his way to do that for the little boy and was having fun with it speaks volumes about his personality.)
Ha! Tom seems to have that affect on a lot of men.

Ruffalo, RDJ, and Hemsworth were always touching him, hugging him, putting their arms around him, leaning into him, even kissing him. And there was a ton of eye-fucking from Hemsworth, especially.

The only one who seemed immune to his charms was Renner, always turning away when the others embraced. Another thing I enjoy about watching Tom is his unabashed embracing of all that. He's just having the time of his life with all this, and it's a joy to see.
Willowy, thanks for making sure I spend the next hour or so gaping at pretty photographs. :))) I also kind of thought I'd grown out of the whole fangirling thing but - nope.
Only an hour? ;)

We'll always be fangirls. As long as they keep making them like this.
He just got Glamour UK's Man of the Year. Awesome.

Tom Hiddleston ‏@twhiddleston
I had such a fun night. Thank you so much @GlamourMagUK I am incredibly proud & honoured to be your Man of the Year!

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