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May 29 2012

Serenity BD steelbook to be released. Celebrating Universal's 100th Anniversary, they are re-releasing many of their big titles.

I think it might be UK-only, not sure.

Looks really cool. And that tagline is really funny and whedonesque. Pity i don't have Blu-Ray!
Oh nice, I remember getting the R4 Tin Case DVD back in the day. And the HMV exclusive R2 DVD which had special postcards.
That the tagline flows so much better in English than its translation to German.

Not sure if I feel like buying the movie again, though. I have three copies already (R2 Special Edition w/ 2 Discs, R1 Collector's Edition, US Blu Ray/DVD Combo)
There are Llamas.....
Why the zombies?
If only I had a blu-ray player, I'd pick this up. It's beautiful.
So, a steelbok? Some sort of tin thing?


Maybe someone who hasn't watched/understood the movie completely and gets that the Reavers aren't zombies just really really angry people?




[ edited by Skytteflickan88 on 2012-05-29 17:52 ]
Well they are really angry people depicted in the interior... but they're not Reavers.
Haha love that the tagline is almost the same as Nathan's Castle tagline "She's armed. He's dangerous"

Looks neat!
I'm 90% sure the masses of people are from files originally created for the Chronicles of Riddick poster, re-purposed to be generic people on the Serenity video cover. Seriously. I don't have any proof about what ad agency did what, but they look alike.
Is it wrong to kind of hope that it's UK-only? I've already upgraded Serenity twice. (DVD ---> collector's edition DVD ---> Blu-Ray.) My sister is happy to take my castoffs, but still!!
Yeah, still have the llama, but at least no image of Serenity firing lasers.

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